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Tannoy 4 vintage moving coil microphone Tannoy comes round again

A new addition to our rental stock, this vintage Tannoy microphone has been lovingly stripped down, rewired and re-built to restore it to its former glory. It bears the original moving coil pick up,  transformer and switch and now has a balanced XLR3M output connector and standard 3/8" mounting thread.  

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We’ve made some updates to GB Audio’s Privacy Policy to give you more power over your personal information and to support new European data protection laws. Our new policies came into effect on May 24, 2018.
Here are the key updates:

1. We’ve restructured our Privacy Policy to make it clearer for you to understand the data we have, how we use it and your choices.

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Yamaha JA1801A bass driver Yamaha NS10 and NS10M Studio. We are no longer offering support or parts for these monitors.


 Crown PCC160 unidirectional boundary microphone The Crown PCC160 (and Crown's whole PZM microphone range) has now been re-introduced in Europe, compliant with the EU 2002/95/EC Directive. The PCC160 has been unavailable throughout Europe since 2006 when the Directive came into force. Crown were slow to address the compliance issue but it's great to know that these superb mics are available to buy in UK again. Special re-launch offer price £299.00 while stocks last.

Counterfeit Sennheiser kit warning We have noticed some wireless mic kits on a popular online auction site which are labelled "Sennheiser" but are clearly not a product that Sennheiser have ever manufactured for or sold in UK. Apparently, counterfeit Sennheiser headphones also show up regularly. Please be vigilant as these items are not manufactured by Sennheiser or for Sennheiser. At best, they are crude copies which look similar to the genuine article, but which use inferior components, inferior design, inferior build quality and will not be supported by any manufacturer's warranty. Plus they sound crap.    top

The latest news for all UK radio mic spectrum users

Please note, we have heard of unscrupulous individuals dumping their unwanted wireless kits on an unsuspecting public via eBay. There is no law against selling or owning channel 69 equipment but it is now illegal to use and possibly unusable due to interference from new services which have taken over channel 69. Don't just buy the first kit that looks like a bargain because you may get ripped off. Remember - Caveat Emptor - buyer beware.

In summary:

  • All new wireless equipment currently offered for sale by GB Audio is currently legal to own and use on channel 38 (with a licence) or channel 70 (free).
  • From 2012 only channel 70 may be used for free and channel 38 (with a licence) in many UK locations but with some exceptions.  Check availability by postcode.
  • From 2012 channel 69 is now illegal to operate in UK and will probably be unusable due to interference.
  • Most current channel 69 equipment is NOT re-tunable to channel 38. A few models can be factory re-programmed.
  • Please contact us to discuss the latest position if you are planning to purchase new wireless systems.
  • The compensation claim period is now over so no new claims will be considered.
  • June 2011. Now available; Audio-Technica's list of products which can be modified for ch38.

Current VHF and UHF channel / frequency information      

Check the list of Audio-Technica kits which can be re-tuned.

We have small stocks of Quantegy MOD and DA8 for sale at clearance prices. 
We have no open reel tape left in any format.

See Quantegy clearance price list.         

Viewpoint  Read Gary Stanfill's "It's A Knockoff World"- Tackling the issue of product design theft, from


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