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Sound System Design & Consultancy. GB Audio are happy to offer full technical planning or just a bit of helpful advice. GB Audio's experienced professional team install sound equipment for theatres, recording studios, churches, offices, concert halls and nightclubs. We take pride in providing a personal service, to a professional high standard of safety and neatness. We design and supply custom flying systems, trunking and cabling, meeting or exceeding statutory safety requirements and all covered by specialist insurance.

Check out these recent projects:

Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre sound system design and installation
Royal Lyceum Theatre sound system design and installation
Dancebase sound system design and installation
SEStran portable wireless conference microphone / PA system

Sunshine pouring in and a breathtaking view of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh's fantastic dance facility has had a superb  sound system installed in the principal studio. 

Based around the high definition Shermann GX501 loudspeakers and Yamaha amplification, the system has a mobile playback rack which can be plugged in at various positions in the studio or in the purpose built control room. 

Flexibility is the key. Low level utility panels around the room offer balanced ties lines and speaker outlets. High and low level speaker outlets are all patchable in the control room.7

Speakers are suspended from fixed bars on custom swivel brackets which allow blackouts to be draped right across the ceiling below the bars. Blackouts are needed when the space is being used for performance because it has a glass roof. This is a fantastic feature during the daytime - filling the studio with natural light and affording a superb view of Edinburgh Castle. The blackouts also improve the naturally reverberant acoustic of the space.

Efficient use has been made of some existing playback equipment in order to keep the expenditure down. This Sound System Installation project was made possible by a donation from Walker Homes.

Dancebase won the Scottish Building of the year (2002) award. 

Click here for Dancebase performances, classes and workshops programme. The 4 studios are also open for commercial hire.

lightweight, mobile control rack with mixer, cassette, CD & MD players  Shermann GX501 high definition speaker on custom bracket

Wireless Conference Audio.
Beyer MCWD-50 digital wireless conference audio PA system

GB Audio have supplied the Beyerdynamic MCWD50 portable wireless digital conference system to several conference centres and company boardrooms.

One example is Edinburgh based SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership). The system comprises a number of wireless table microphone units with integral speakers, an automatic base controller and storage flightcase with built-in charging rack. As well as offering a very neat, stand-alone PA solution for meetings, the system also interfaces with and enhances the organisation's video-conferencing system. This sits well with two of SEStran's objectives: 1. Reduce the number of people commuting in single occupancy vehicles within South East Scotland especially for journeys to and from Edinburgh; but also for journeys outwith the SEStran area. 2. Minimise the overall need for travel, especially by car.     top

Made to Measure.
GB Audio design and supply bespoke racks, frames and housings for equipment of all shapes and sizes. We are happy to consider any installation challenge and work with specialist fabricators to come up with engineering solutions for your sound system installation. We also sell made-to-measure equipment flightcases as well as inexpensive off-the-shelf racks and cases in various sizes. We have a good range of standard leads in stock and are happy to make up special audio cables, looms, multicores, panels and patchbays to your specification.  

Environmental Sound.
GB Audio have considerable experience in helping clients to deal with problems of noise pollution and Environmental Heath Department license requirements. See Testing Times.

Induction Loop & Hearing Support systems.
GB Audio are RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) trained and certified to hire, design, sell, install, commission and test Ampetronic induction loops and Sennheiser infra red and Tourguide systems which can benefit the hard-of-hearing. IR Systems can cover an entire room, whereas loop systems can be limited to a counter or box office. People can listen in to an induction loop system by switching their hearing aid to the "T" position or by using portable beltpacks with miniature headphones.

GB Audio are RIBA trained and certified to carry out Annual Loop Conformity testing on installed induction loop systems.

For more info about Induction Loop Systems, design, servicing, testing, etc, click HERE.

Buy with confidence. Unsolicited Customer Quotes:

Jenny Farish recommends GB Audio: "I cannot recommend GB Audio highly enough. Fabulously knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Graham comes up with great solutions to any problem and will work through them with you. His expertise and knowledge is impressive and extremely reassuring. He has solved many technical issues I have encountered in my studio and done so with great patience and understanding." (16/04/2019)

"All arrived OK. Thank you for your telephone instructions - very helpful" S Robertson (02/07/2013)

"Ordered yesterday and arrived this morning - under 24 hours. Thanks very much indeed for quick response in posting it off. I'm very pleased. Thanks very much indeed" B Drummond (27/04/13)

"Hi, Just wanted to say thanks very much for my bespoke audio lead (Order # 29465). It is absolutely ideal and works a treat on my Harley with the other lead you did for my Satnav. BRILLIANT!! Many thanks," P Hillier, Farnborough, Hants. (17/04/2012)


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