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All prices are shown in GBP Sterling, ex-works.

Studio microphone holders. Reduced to only
£ 19.95
each * Scoop purchase * while stocks last.
As sold by some microphone manufacturers for £ 59.00 or more

Bargain studio microphone suspension mount

MP33239L Anti-vibration shock mount for straight or tapered microphones. Sturdy steel frame with elastic suspension.
Felt lined holder suitable for mic diameter 60 - 75mm.
Or can be packed out with foam (not supplied) to take mic diameters down to 19mm or even less.

MP33239 As above but suitable for mics with a diameter: 41 - 50mm. £ 29.95 each.

Now available: Service kit MP33239SK comprising two replacement rubbers £ 9.95

Original manufacturers' mounts also available from Audio-Technica , Sennheiser , Beyerdynamic , AKG

Shure RK143G replacement grille for SM58 microphone Shure RK143G original grille for SM58 £ 14.99

Special offer while stocks last: Refurbish your SM58 with a new heavy duty, Shure original grille and we'll give you a FREE Shure A25D clip (worth £ 5.00) to complete your kit.

Shure A25D microphone holder Shure A25D original clip for SM57, SM58 and many other microphones with a tapered body. £ 5.00

High grade twin phono interconnect lead for professional or home hi-fi use

Gold plated phono interconnect lead - heavy duty for professional or home use

1.5 Metres £ 9.99
3 Metres
£ 11.99
5 Metres
£ 15.99
10 Metres
£ 19.99
5 Metres (single)
£ 9.99
10 Metres (single)
£ 13.99

24K Gold-plated RCA phono connectors with strain reliefs 
Oxygen-free copper (OFC), low capacitance cable for low loss and high definition
double screened (copper braid plus aluminium foil).

Also available as a phono extension (2 phono plug - 2 phono socket) for only £ 2.00 extra.

We have a fabulous deal on High Definition SPEAKER CABLE. 
Suitable for professional or home use. 
Multi-stranded copper. Cut to any length: 
2.5 mm2 (twin 79/0.2mm) black/white @ £ 1.08 / m

Van Damme 6.0 mm2 (twin 7x3x14/0.1mm) clear @ £ 2.99 / m

Incredible quality and value for money. Extra discounts on 100m drums of cable

Our cable-making service can build bespoke, specialist audio leads to your specification

Other Hi-Fi support: 

Audio-Technica cartridges and styli     

Headshells & wires     

Replacement turntable drive belts

Custom made audio leads

Turntable & Hi-Fi specialists    

Audacity Sourceforge recording software   

WavePad recording software      

Free recording software links       

Free recording software links 

IE12763 stereo input extender
Here's a handy solution for connecting extra sound sources to your mixing desk or any amplifier with line inputs. Three switchable stereo inputs and one stereo output. Can also be used to route a stereo source to three different receiving devices, eg amplifier, recorder, PC.
£ 9.95         
IE12763 input extender   IE12763 input extender
AC-1 Audio capture device. USB analogue / digital interface. Accepts line or turntable input. USB output to MAC or PC plus analogue line output to mixing desk or hi-fi system. Powered from USB port. No drivers required. Audacity recording and editing software included. £ 39.95

Full data sheet

AC-1 audio capture device. Analogue / digital USB interface
FE-2 Ferrite filter. Snap-on ferrite clamp for cables up to 6.5mm diameter. Reduces electromagnetic interference being induced in or radiated from signal cables. Passive and, therefore, distortion free. Can be used on any microphone or line cable. Especially recommended for all leads connecting to computer or digital equipment. £ 4.95 per pair. (now available in black). FE-2 ferrite filters
Headshells and cartridge wires. HS4ULM ultra low mass headshell fitted with Van Damme ultra-pure OFC audiophile wires. Compatible with many Japanese S-shaped tonearms.  £ 27.95    HS4ULM replacement headshell for standard Japanese turntable tonearms

Audiophile cartridge - headshell wires

We stock a range of Maxell and Quantegy media for analogue and digital machines and offer generous quantity discounts;  CDR, CDRM, DVD & cassette.        top

Speaker wall brackets SWB001
Wall or ceiling bracket for speakers, monitors, cameras, etc up to 13kg Choice of six holes for fixing to the platform. Locking pan and tilt

Only £ 18.00 (Pair)      * Scoop purchase *

SWB001 small wall bracket with pan & tilt adjustmentSWB001

Ultimate Support TS70B alloy tripod stand for loudpseakers Ultimate Support TS70B

Speaker tripod stands:

Ultimate TS99B heavy duty 66kg capacity alloy speaker stand with Telelock® system. Two only at £ 85 each

Ultimate TS70B 44kg capacity, alloy speaker stand. Two only at £ 35 each

Beyer ST214/36 heavy duty 50kg capacity speaker stand. Two only at £ 49 each

Beyer GST500 microphone boom stand Beyer GST500

Quality mic stands - 10% off:

K&M ST210/9 mic stand with boom arm. Now £ 33

ST0014 mic stand with boom arm. Now £ 19.95

NJS10 budget mic stand with integral boom arm. £ 9.95

K&M ST240 isolated drum clamp mount Instrument clips:
ST240 23.85

MZH504 £ 21.00

ATCLIP £ 9.95

AT8418 £ 30.43
ST237 microphone table clamp Special mounts:
ST237 Table clamp £ 9.34

ST238 Guitar boom £ 15.00

ST235 Stereo bar £ 13.20

ST0020 Wall mount £ 19.00

ST0021 Plate mount £ 14.00

ST0022 Plate+flexi £ 19.00

ST0023 mini boom arm £ 24.75

ST0024 mini ratchet clamp £ 7.50

ST0025 52mm (2") pipe clamp £ 9.50

ST0026 Alloy plate mount £ 15.00

GB1 Guitar boom 2 £ 15.00
D4 microphone table stand Table stands:
D2 £ 7.94

D3 £ 5.98

D4 £ 5.76

D5 £ 8.30

150mm(6") £ 3.78
230mm(9") £ 3.78
300mm(12") £ 3.72
510mm(20") £ 7.20

300mm(12") £ 4.84

Brief Terms & Conditions:
All prices shown in £ Sterling, excluding delivery. You can mail, email, fax or telephone your order. Include your name, address and daytime telephone number with your cheque or Postal Order or Mastercard / Visa details (card no. security number and expiry date). Stock items will usually be dispatched within 24 hours. Our full
Terms & Conditions of business apply. Errors and omissions excepted.
              Ordering information       top

Cable, Connectors and Consumables

gaffer tape - black, silver, white - economy, high grade, matt
Quality gaffer tape. Great prices on one roll or a box.

Van Damme 16 way starquad broadcast cable

Studio consumables: head cleaners, lens cleaners, editing, stands, microphone accessories, headphones.
Theatre consumables: gaffer, PVC, masking tape, batteries, service aids and flightcase parts.                    


We buy in bulk so we can pass on the most competitive prices for professional users and online customers.

Piranha high quality audio leads

We stock a wide range of connectors (including Neutrik, Harting, EDAC, Lemo and Switchcraft)
Cable (mic, speaker, multicore, mains, etc) by  Belden, ATM, Van Damme, Adam Hall on the drum or cut to length. Check here for bargain off-cuts and drum-ends.

Check our bespoke speciality audio leads service

Buy with confidence. Unsolicited Customer Quotes:

"Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for the excellent service that you have provided with our order of yesterday. The item arrived at 10.00 a.m. this morning, which has certainly saved the day! We will have no hesitation in contacting you again should the need arise. Once again, many thanks. Kind regards" J. B. Admin Assistant Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance (01/08/2014)

"All arrived OK. Thank you for your telephone instructions - very helpful" S Robertson (02/07/2013)

"Ordered yesterday and arrived this morning - under 24 hours. Thanks very much indeed for quick response in posting it off. I'm very pleased. Thanks very much indeed" B Drummond (27/04/13)

"Hi, Just wanted to say thanks very much for my bespoke audio lead (Order # 29465). It is absolutely ideal and works a treat on my Harley with the other lead you did for my Satnav. BRILLIANT!! Many thanks," P Hillier, Farnborough, Hants. (17/04/2012)

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