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Production: Obsolete
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Roland Digital delay / echo effects processor

The SDE-1000 is an easy-to-use delay/echo processor producing professional, studio-quality delay effects.

Front panel facilities:
Input attenuator@ -30db - 0dB range
Delay output level
Modulation: Rate & Depth
Fluorescent display: delay in milliseconds
Up / Down data toggle button
4x memory presets
Time Multiplier: x1 or x2
Delay Phase: Normal / reverse
Modulation: on/off
Feedback: on/off

Rear panel facilities:
Input: " mono jack
In / out level: switchable -20dBm / -35dBm
Outputs: " mono jack mixed output
" mono jack delay output
Remote switch options:
Delay: on/off
Hold: on/off
Preset: Shift
Modulation: foot control
Delay time adjuster: x1 - x1.5

Power requirements: 240V AC 50/60Hz 17W
Physical: 19" 1u standard rack mount
Dimensions: 482(w) x 303(d) x 44(h) mm
Weight: 4.2kg

Specifications: Full spec not available. Can you help?

SDE1000 Reviews

Roland SDE1000 programmable digital delay / echo effects processor


With its simple and well laid-out controls, the SDE-1000 is easy to understand without ever cracking the manual. Delay length is displayed in milliseconds via the blue fluorescent display, and is set easily by holding down the +/- toggle button. The Time x2 button allows the user to quickly double the delay time (up to 1.5 seconds). The number of repeats is set with the Feedback control. When pushed past 12 o'clock, the Feedback control can allow the user to drive the signal back on itself as well, albeit not as stylishly as a tape delay--but still very useful for adding spice to a mix.

The SDE-1000 also has a good sounding Modulation section with Rate and Depth controls for flanging and chorus. Also present is a button to switch the phase of the delayed signal, as well as four memory presets to store your favourite settings; just hold down to save--just like a car stereo!

The Roland SDE delays were launched in 1983; among the other models were the SDE-2000, SDE-2500 and the SDE-3000 all adding or subtracting various bells and whistles. It seems the SDE-1000 and the rest of the line was directed at the "pro-sumer" and live market of the day, with its unbalanced connections and low output levels. But despite this, and its early low-bit converters, the SDE-1000 still holds its own twenty years later, and is still found in many studios. It is a good sounding delay, couldn't be easier to use, is built to last, and can be found for reasonable prices on the used market.

-Will Shanks - Analog Obsession - Universal Audio Webzine

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