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Production: Obsolete
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Audio Inputs
Level: -20dBu minimum (OdBu=0.775Vrms)
Impedance: 50k Ohm unbalanced stereo
                 25k Ohm unbalanced mono
Connections 1/4" jacks

Audio Outputs
Level: +4dBu nominal, +18dBu maximum
Impedance: 600 Ohm unbalanced
Connections: 1/4" jacks

Frequency     Wet: 20Hz-15kHz 11.0dB
Response     Dry: 20Hz-20kHz 10.5dB
Dynamic Range    85dB (typical), 20Hz-20kHz
Total Harmonic    Wet: 0.07% 1kHz
Distortion    Dry: 0.05% 1 kHz
Encoding    16-bit linear PCM
Memory    16 permanent presets
128 user programmable registers
MIDI IN, MIDI THRU/OUT internally selectable
Footswitch     Bypass, 1/4" jack
RFI Shielding     Complies with FCC requirements for Class A computer equipment
Power Requirement    9VAC, 1A from external transformer
Dimensions        216 x 43 x 203mm
                        (8.5"W x 1.7"H x 8"D)
Weight               3.5 lbs (1.6 Kg)
Shipping weight:     5.7 lbs (2.3 Kg)

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Note: We have replacement 230V UK power supplies available for this unit for 13.79

Or 120V USA power supplies @ 23.50

Lexicon LXP1 digital reverb effects processor

The LXP-1 is one of Lexicon's most cost-effective digital effects processors with a distinct personality and magnificent sound. The LXP-1 fills a half single rack space with a spectacular array of sonic capabilities and tremendous MIDI effects control.

Lexicon was the first company to bring digital audio technology to musicians, engineers, and producers more than 20 years ago. Since then, we have developed a world-wide reputation for excellence in digital audio technology. It's called the Lexicon Sound, and today it is recognized as the best in the world. You'll find the Lexicon Sound in abundance in the LXP-1.

Simply Sophisticated
The front panel of the LXP-1 does not reveal its sophisticated nature. From this simple array of controls you have access to 16 different effects programs, each with two variable parameters for a total of 256 variations per effect.

Ten of the programs are blends of reverberation and delay, and six provide effects combinations, including reverse and gated reverb, flanging, chromatic resonance, multi-tap delay, and a mixture of delay and chorusing. The LXP-1 provides more than 4,000 different effects, all available from three simple controls, without the need for MIDI.

By adding any MIDI control device such as a keyboard or sequencer, the LXP-1 gives you two more ways to control its effects. First, you can store and access your custom sounds in 128 non-volatile memories by associating them with a MIDI Program Change command.

What's more, you can exploit Lexicon's Dynamic MIDI, which lets you modulate processing parameters in real time by patching them to MIDI controls such as Note Number, Modulation Wheel, and Pitch Bender.

Even more control is available with MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) messages and Lexicon's MRC MIDI Remote Controller or a personal computer and software. SysEx transforms the LXP-1 into a powerhouse that lets you create thousands of variations of each type of effect. In addition, SysEx lets you access up to six additional program parameters in the LXP-1 that are not available from the front panel.

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