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MCWD digital wireless conference microphone system

MCW-D50 digital wireless conference microphone system

beyerdynamic introduces the next generation of cost-effective, digital wireless conference solutions – the MCW-D 50. Featuring an advanced form of 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) transmission technology, the new MCW-D 50 conference system is completely secure thanks to its 128 bit data encryption and 8-digit alphanumeric PIN code capability.

Add to this the ability to operate up to 4096 microphone units on a maximum of 9 simultaneous bi-directional data channels, all with high interference immunity via one central control unit, and the systems’ ability and flexibility becomes clear.

As well as offering this advanced form of communication security between microphone and control unit, the MCW-D 50 system provides an elegant storage and charging solution in the form of the new CC 10 Modular Transport System. Charge up to 10 microphone units per case (in less than 3 hours); advanced intelligent electronics prevent any unwanted memory effect from building up in the microphone units, providing between 20 and 30 hours of constant operating time between charges.

Finally, the MCW-D 50 system allows connection to external devices via audio inputs and outputs (balanced and unbalanced), as well as TCP/IP Ethernet or RS-232 Serial interfaces, ensuring future-proof connectivity.

MCW-D 50 V5.7 Downloadable Software (.zip 1.6 mb)

Mic units on charge whilst stored in the flightcase

So Easy...
Step 1
Mic units on charge whilst stored in the flightcase
Open the case... Step 2
Open the case...
Take out the mics and switch them on... Step 3
Take out the mic units and switch them on...
Place the mic units around the table and  you're ready to begin Step 4
Place the mic units around the table and  you're ready to begin.
MCWD523 chair's microphone unit
MCWD523 Chair's microphone unit with loudspeaker
MCWD521 delegate's unit
MCWD521 Delegate microphone unit with loudspeaker
MCWD50 digital wireless conference system control unit
MCWD50 System Control unit
MCWD50 CC10 flightcase / charger unit
CC10 flightcase / charger unit

Beyerdynamic MCWD digital wireless conference system

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