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AECC architect's impression of the new frontage with observation tower Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre received a one year, 18M expansion and redevelopment in 2002. 
Two existing halls have been expanded to provide conference capacities of 2000 and 500 respectively and two new 700 capacity multi-purpose suites have been built.

GB Audio won the contact to supply and install sound systems in these four spaces. The brief was to deliver consistent, high definition sound throughout the complex. Just so that it would not be too easy a job, each suite has the ability to divide into two independent sections. This means that the sound system also has to be able to divide down and even operate in different directions if required. This was facilitated by deploying a BSS Soundweb system controller with instant recall of complex preset EQ and delay settings at the touch of a button.     top

Crombie Suite with flown Shermann R1Ws

Gordon Suite with flown Shermann R2Fs
40 Shermann Audio loudspeakers were specified throughout, following a successful demonstration of the three way R315W model. All speakers are roof mounted. There are twelve R315Ws in the Boyd-Orr Hall.

To help achieve the required consistency two new, smaller loudspeaker models were developed especially for this project, with different profiles and finishes to suit the architect's aesthetic considerations, but with the same HF and mid range drivers throughout.

There are eight Shermann R2Fs in The Gordon Suite (left) and eight R1Ws in The Crombie Suite (above).                                  top

 20 Chameleon power amplifiers were specified due to their sonic clarity and high damping factor which gives them the ability to cope with extremely long cable lengths.

Mixing is carried out by 3 Allen & Heath GL3300 consoles and portable playback racks contain Tascam CD, cassette and Minidisc. 

the rack room to be... Day 1 on site - This was the amplifier rack room before it had walls, door, ventilation, electricity, etc. Hard to imagine a public opening in a few weeks...    ...but it did open on time with three suites functioning simultaneously.

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Further information from the manufacturers: Shermann, Tascam, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, BSS, AECC