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2010. We have dropped EMS cases from our sales roster because the new prices have rocketed.
We have no stock or accessories left. The following component list is provided for information only.

EMS lightweight polycarbonate mobile racks

EMS polycarbonate rack with optional wheel oard

  • Virtually unbreakable: polycarbonate mix material; the same protection as a car bumper or crash helmet
  • Non-heat sensitive - will not buckle
  • Integral cross-structure supports
  • Finished in easy-clean matt black
  • Fitted with flightcase recessed hardware
  • Front and back racking
  • Integral vents
  • Mixers and other equipment can be horizontally racked (or at a 1U slant)
  • Increase the unit height of any rack by simply adding a 3U expander kit
  • 3U comes fully assembled; larger racks are pre-assembled, needing only a few minutes to fully assemble with the screws provided.
  • Two rack-to-rack depths available: 378mm and 455mm (see tables right)
  • Wheelboard available (with or without locking wheels) - bolts directly to bottom of rack
  • Optional protective corner buffers
  • Optional stacking feet
  • Full instruction sheet included with every rack and expander kit
  • Conforms to BS5954
modular 19" rack system.
The expandable, unbreakable, great value-for-money 19 rack  that grows with your needs.

EMS 400 Series. Rack to rack depth 378mm.

Part No. Description Weight (KG) CLEARANCE PRICE
(Ex VAT)
EMS 400/3 Assembled EMS400 3U rack 5.50  sold out
EMS 400/6 Flat-packed EMS400 6U rack 7.70  sold out
EMS 400/9 Flat-packed EMS400 9U rack 9.10  sold out
EMS 400/12 Flat-packed EMS400 12U rack 10.70  sold out
EMS 400/15 Flat-packed EMS400 15U rack 12.70  sold out
MOD41A Expands EMS400 rack 6U to 9U, 9U to 12U 1.70  sold out
MOD41B Expands EMS400 rack from 12U to 15U 2.00  sold out 
MOD41C Expands EMS400 rack from 3U to 6U 2.40  sold out 
EMS401 EMS400 Support Shelves 1.50  sold out 
EMS402/1 EMS400 Reversible horizontal/slant mount kit 1.75  sold out 
EMS413/B EMS400 bolt on wheel board with brakes 6.00  sold out 


EMS500 Series. Rack to rack depth 455mm.

Part No. Description Weight (Kg) (Ex VAT)
EMS 500/3 Assembled EMS500 3U rack 6.30  sold out 
EMS 500/6 Flat-packed EMS500 6U rack 8.60  sold out 
EMS 500/9 Flat-packed EMS500 9U rack 10.30  sold out 
EMS 500/12 Flat-packed EMS500 12U rack 11.90  sold out 
EMS 500/15 Flat-packed EMS500 15U rack 13.90  sold out 
MOD51A Expands EMS500 rack 6U to 9U, 9U to 12U 1.90  sold out 
MOD51B Expands EMS500 rack from 12U to 15U 2.20  sold out 
MOD51C Expands EMS500 rack from 3U to 6U 2.60  sold out 
EMS501 EMS500 Support Shelves 2.00  sold out 
EMS502/1 EMS500 Reversible horizontal/slant mount kit 2.00  sold out 
EMS513/B EMS500 bolt on wheel board with brakes 5.50  sold out 


EMS400/500 Accessories

Part No. Description Weight (Kg) (Ex VAT)
EMS106 Set of 4 stacking feet 0.25  sold out 
EMS111 Pack of fixing mounts, bolts, washers 0.25  sold out 
EMS112 Set of 8 corner buffers 0.25  sold out 

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All prices shown in Sterling, excluding VAT. UK Carriage is FREE for pre-pay orders over 100 (excluding secondhand items). You can mail, email, fax or telephone your order. Include your name, address and daytime telephone number with your cheque or Postal Order or Mastercard / Visa details (card no. security number and expiry date). Stock items will usually be dispatched within 24 hours. Our full
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