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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: Yes
New stock: No
Used stock: No
  • 8 filters for precise anti-feedback processing. Filter types include Auto, Dynamic and Diffuse
  • Easy-to-use limiting, enhancing, low cut/high cut filter functions
  • Balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs accommodate a variety of selectable signal levels
  • Built-in phantom power supply for use as a microphone-dedicated DI box
  • Ground Lift and Polarity Selector switches
  • All functions accessed via simple on/off switching
  • Setting configurations can be stored in memory
Roland Anti-Feedback module

Roland AF70 mic pre-amp, anti-feedback, limiter

The AF-70 Anti-Feedback delivers professional-quality automatic feedback detection and elimination in a compact, easy-to-use DI box. Multipurpose balanced inputs and outputs make the AF-70 the perfect tool for a variety of sound reinforcement applications.

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