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Quick Quotes:

"It looked like co-vocalist Leonara Winstanley had been plugged in to the mains along with the amps as she was instantly transformed in to a vigorous ball of energy". John Robertson

"Edinburgh's Little Love & The Friendly Vibes play a very unsubtle blend of Fun Pop, Punk and Indie Rock. They sound like a cross between The Undertones, Wild Willy Barrett and Electric Six"

"it's a great video concept and song [Italian Leather Jacket]" Scott Basham, Video Editor

"A pleasure working with you guys! Truly the Citizen Cane of low budget indie music vids..." Stephen Vickers, Musician

 See? I’m telling you, this band is destined for legendary status as one of the best live acts going. Go! See them... You will not regret it" Deborah Mullen, Photographer

"The song [Snowflakes] is awesome!" All Indie Radio

" 'Snowflakes’ is Christmas tune of the year"  Heartland FM

“a cross between The B52s and The Rezillos with hints of The Jam and Elvis Costello”  Tom Robinson (BBC)

"Right up my street”  Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio.

"Eccentric indie pop quintet with a quirky sense of humour"  The List.

"What a lovely video you've got there [After Hours], I really like the theme and enjoy the part where you all start to put your energy in smashing your tune in the living room!" The Sound Monkeys, Band


18 Dec 2020. Released in December of 2017 "snowflakes" is a Christmas tune by Edinburgh alternative indie band Little love and the friendly vibe from Edinburgh, that's in Scotland!

Written by Martin J Smith with a video that features singer Leonora Winstanley taking lead vocals, and I quote "cos shes better looking than the rest of us"

From the opening guitar strums there's nothing Christmasy about this, but there totally is as well! Whether that's because it's called "snowflakes" and it's already embedded that it's about Xmas is a debate for a psychologist not a music reviewer.

The first thing you react to is that it's quite a dismal out look lyrically, disguised as a fun upbeat tune. I love those sort of songs. They catch you of guard. It feels like waking up on Christmas morning expecting snow and getting rain.

There's a brilliant earthy feel to the whole thing and that matches up to the great video with its scenic shots and lingering images of livestock.
I love that the Christmas elements of the song, musically, come half way in the song,

the lovely twinkling of a glockenspiel, it's gives the whole thing a sucker punch of hope, a sort of pound land Christmas decoration vibe; it's glittering but ultimately sad.

The main lyrical motif of the song is lovely and brilliantly ambiguous "no two snowflakes look the same, but these two look like rain"
This lyric could be adapted to some many situations in our ever changing lives.

When you don't notice something when you listen it's mainly because it's doing it's job very well and that's the bass and drums, solid throughout, as provided by Steven little and Graham Bodenham respectively.
The guitar work is simply complex all mixed with Leonora's melancholic optimistic vocal.

It's pieced together so nicely and there's almost a folk club feel to it. I would love to be in a pub in the middle of a great Christmas vibe and these guys play this, that my friends would be Christmas magic.

Wayne, YHHTMPC (You Haven't Heard This Music Pod Cast)

21 Oct 2018. It was way back in June that I managed to catch Little Love and the Friendly Vibes doing their stuff at a sun kissed Leith festival. They delivered a cracking set that day with one of the highlights being their single Italian Leather jacket.  The recent release of a fun to watch video to accompany that song certainly brightens up the dull October days we find ourselves in now.

The opening scene sees frontman Euan Weddell buying a leather jacket from a charity shop, the garment instantly transforming him in to a man confident enough to dance down Leith walk wearing flares. (And that has to be one the benchmark measures of just how high confidence levels can reach.) The video is a total blast as passers-by swoon over him and join him on his journey.

There is so much here to make the watcher smile and at times laugh out loud. Leonora Winstanley apparently wrote the Italian lyrics using Google translate. La consegna è eccellente.  Bass player Steve Little’s appearance half way though proceedings provides another wonderful moment. It’s hard not to smile as he tells us that he’s ‘had a lot of fun in the back of a van.’

Video director Graham Bodenham, the band’s drummer, has delivered the perfect  accompaniment to what is a rather splendid rhythm driven song.  Watch it and you will be left feeling a lot of love for Little Love and the Friendly Vibes.  You may also find yourself driven towards the local charity shop in search of an Italian leather jacket of your own.

12 June 2018. The sun was shining down on Leith festival as Little Love and the Friendly Vibes prepared to deliver their set. Looking like they had just rolled out of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine their laid back demeanour disappeared as soon the opening chords of first song Fictional Girls rang out. It looked like co-vocalist Leonara Winstanley had been plugged in to the mains along with the amps as she was instantly transformed in to a vigorous ball of energy.

Sounding like a cross between the Buzzcocks and The B52’s,  their enthusiasm was impossible to resist from the start. High Maintenance, a song from their album ‘The Same…..Only Worse’ proved to be even better than the rather excellent studio version. . Heads Down, Thumbs Up saw Leonara make one of many forays in to the crowd, the stage proving too small to contain her remarkable energy. The bands certainly weren’t taking themselves too seriously. Guitarist and lead vocalist Euan Weddel’s occasional guitar hero antics in front of the stage were tremendous fun to watch, one of many things about the groups’ performance that left all those watching smiling broadly.

New single Italian Leather Jacket was possibly the high point of their afternoon as the band really got in to their groove. Things were brought to an all too early finish with a storming version of Banter Enhancer. They are appearing at Edinburgh’s Canal festival on the 16th June. Get yourself there if you can, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Source: John Robertson

6 March 2018. After Hours” is an emotional song with a quaint optimistic quality. The cool and steady verse leads into the anthem sing along chorus that blends the male and female vocals over a roaring guitar. Lyrically the song has a personal aspect to it that anyone can relate to. The full band rocking out matched with an aggressive guitar solo gives the track a giant sound, and the playfully fun video is exactly what you expect from Little Love. You can listen to “After Hours” and follow Little Love & The Friendly Vibes on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Little Love & The Friendly Vibes and share this music with everyone you know. Source:

20 Nov 2017.Banter Enhancer” has all of the classic sounds of the pop/punk style with fuzz guitars and a playful vocal style. The sentiment of the song is something we can all identify with, being at the bar, needing to break out of your shell and socialize and needing a little liquid courage. With a catchy chorus that will spend days stuck in your head, “Banter Enhancer” is a fun snarky song with a video to match. Source:

9 Sept 2017. The Same Only Worse — Melodic pop-punk that sounds good at low fidelity. They started at the Buzzcocks and Undertones (with some Lydonesque vocal stylings) and picked a good direction to go in. The songs are catchy, well-constructed and you can hear everything that’s going on. Also check their first album, Someone Call An Ambulance from 2015, which is name-your-price. Source:

15 June 2017. The Same Only Worse - To paraphrase the excellent album title, it's more of the same - but different. The punk edge is obvious, otherwise it's great melodies drenched in that unmistakably playful attitude you get in the better parts of Scotland. The high points are, indeed, very high, and the insanely catchy 'hits' like "Jealous" and "Talk To Me" will not leave your head for days... Little Love and the Friendly Vibes, however, are more fun than wistful. And try as I might, I can't hold that against them. Source:

June 2017.The Same Only Worse - 'Circles' is a communicating gift that hums and fizzles with old school electro-magnetism that is in its own scuzz-fuzz world that I very much enjoy dipping into.  The accented vocal styles have a nervous sub-stutter underlying the delivery through the verses which are allowed to flourish and self-relieve via a brief but subtly potent chorus burst.  The song oscillates with regulated voltage, the semi-mechanical wind up is embracing and the underscore of keyed assistance adds a futuristic edge - very appealing indeed. 'Jealous' is cross-wired poppism that fuses through the airwaves with a delightful resonation that is bittersweet and semi-poignant and reminiscent of many people’s lives when they see someone get all the doors opened for them and bounce from one opportunity to the next.  Luckily I am not wired up this way but can understand the tremblings and this is almost in line with the Undertones ramblings about a rather 'Perfect' cousin who seem to be always the flavour of the month.  A cracking little tickle this with a slight rivulet of irritation throughout - nice!  'High Maintenance' completes the opening trio and combines sobered singing with lashings of 'la, la, la' madness and so gives a real effective contrast that perhaps gives insight into a mental state found in a bedroom dwelling bod who watches the lust worthy girl next door but recognises his limitations within the bouts of lunacy. One can envision the peephole dreamer wishing but taking the easy route and pishing (on his own hopes).  The song is a treat, one for the misfit, the cast aside and the severely uncool.  In fact, this whole collection is for those who have never been in-vogue, will never hit the charts of popularity and who are always found in the kitchen at parties - I know the feeling.

A clutch of three next, laid down in my nest of examination and cracked open on one good burst with the hammer of honesty!  'Team Leader' begins with a Toni Basil piss-take (ooh where is she now) before wretchedly crawling along with a morbid acceptance of a situation not to be envied.  Advice comes, a false chirpiness encourages and all components are enhanced by a wired up escalating chorus that seems liable to end in a fully blown fuse-box.  The attempt to swallow shit and have it stick in the craw is well masticated here and more easily digested by us, the wee listeners.  'Two For One' has an Oi lout intro explosion before the tune takes on a sarcastic pop slant that prods and pokes from a life with very little excitement.  The fact comes across that if these unimaginative retail offers are responsible for moments of unseeming lubricity or untoward rigidity then you really do need to get yourself sorted out.  Find a mirror, take a long hard look and then have a fuckin' word!  When in a better frame of mind then I suggest you pop this crackin' ditty on your player and dance!  'After Hours' is the last of the latest three-way fling (phwoar), has a doleful verse section that is smeared deep with forlorn hopelessness and misery mutterings that are then rescued from the dustbin of depression by a diverging chorus release.  We repeat the black and white formula before hitting an instrumentalised wank off and a final mouth melt that finalises the stress easing burst and takes away any initial reservations this eavesdropper may have had.

'Wound Up' is a fractious fuck elevated on querulous quirky spirals that rise and rise and invoke an unsettled feeling within the assessor’s nervous system.  The jingle-jangle wired wangle coils out and vibrates with marvellous accents and the juicy fruit chorus is both stressful and therapeutic at the same time and is for those who just need to dance away the tendrils of tension that try to choke out the very life force we thrive on.  A simple but beautifully effective song.  Dig those cheap guitar sounds too!  'The Same Only Worse' is trickling tale telling and brings in a sweet mix of male/female oral offerings that are both approachable, rich and coloured with cobblestone tones.  An old time band get fondly remembered and get inspired to produce something similar but with no pretension to outdo - how ruddy lovely is that?  I have no gripes here, it is a sugary switch off to laze with.

'Terri, Terri' is a nob-nagging wanker that rubs with consistent, unstoppable rhythm and eventually produces pre-cum enthusiasm before the shaft of sound turns bloody red and climaxes in a short, brief spurt.  We are not left flaccid at the final stage but are still in need of another injection of Mr Big's sound stiffener.  I replay many times just to get the gist, not because I have leanings that are perverse.  Next and the cutey-pie jerk of 'Awkward'.  A funny little song this with abstract and surreal thoughts chucked into a washing bowl of popping soapy suds that are swirled with daydreaming distance borne of the head in the fluffy pink clouds.  The snagging sing-a-long ease and the shimmering segments that appeal are all finely accepted.  The penultimate tickle and 'Talk To Me' is a raw track that has a definite under-processed feel and moves along with a distinct linear approach that starts with an end point in mind and travels to it on one straight scuzzy track.  There is a place for this kind of direct DIY dabbling and that place is here - a simple diversion from the more outre inclusions.  We finalise with the sad exposure of 'More Than You Can Stand', an OCD confession that touches a nerve due to the fact  I have suffered from this vicious curse that drains the soul and takes up every minute of every waking hour.  This painful closure is perfectly delivered and pangs and twangs with a deep-rooted insight into a mental aberration many find quite amusing (oh those ignorant bastards).  A lovely trinket of tonality even though it stings a little - nowt wrong with being kept alert.

This is a charming CD with many qualities to thoroughly recommend.  It is far from harsh clouting punkage, it isn't of any particular ilk but just a good collection of likable ditties to play anytime, anywhere no matter what the mood - and you can't argue with that! Source: reviews 2/AtoZofCDs.html 



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