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Production: Obsolete
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Yamaha mixing console with flexible bus architecture.

20 mono input channels, each with: 48v phantom power, gain, pad, , HPF, four band eq (2 mid sweeps), eq bypass, pan, channel on/off, PFL, 100mm fader.

2 stereo line input channels, each with: gain, HPF, four band eq, eq bypass, pan, channel on/off, PFL, 100mm fader.

The aux and group routing is flexible. There are at least six auxes (switchable pre/post in pairs). Four Diversity buses can be individually switched to be either sub groups or auxes making a maximum 10 auxes plus LR. (Or 6 auxes + 4 sub groups or 7+3 or 8+2 or 9+1).

Each of the 10 group/aux buses has a three band eq (sweep mid) making it ideal for monitor mixing or various FOH applications.

The master section has 4 aux returns, tape input, two matrix outputs, talkback, control room output and comprehensive LED meterbridge for LR, Matrix/PFL and all auxes/groups.

Check out the new replacement MG24 mixing console (Nov 2003)

Yamaha GA24/12 mixing console

Yamaha GA24/12 mixing console - master section

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