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Replacement flat section, precision ground Butadiene synthetic rubber drive belts available in popular sizes to fit many hi-fi turntables and other diverse units; eg Revox A77, B77 & PR99 Mk1, tape recorders, cassette decks, turntables, walkman, CD / DVD / XBox door tray drives, VCRs, 8 tracks, tools, models and toys. 
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Replacement neoprene rubber drive belt for CD, DVD, X-Box drawer tray Replacement drive belt (BELT605)
Diameter (internal): 21.5mm.
Circumference (internal): 68mm.
Cross section: 1.2mm square.

Price: £4.99 + 1.50 (UK p&p) = £6.49 Download our Order Form or order by phone or online from our secure gbaudioshop or Click here for other ordering information.

Quality replacement drive band, suitable for CD, DVD, XBox drives, disc drawers, disc trays

If your DVD tray does not open or needs to be thumped to retrieve your disc, it may be the drive belt is broken or slipping and needs to be replaced.

This drive belt will fit the X-Box and X-Box 360 disc drawer motor and many other CD & DVD tray drives.

There are several excellent forums, help sites and videos which show you how to replace the belt, for example;
X-Box 360:

Some YouTube contributors suggest boiling the old belt to make it work better but that is only a temporary fix so it is better to fit a proper brand new belt which will last longer. Stationery shop elastic bands are not suitable because they are made of a different rubber formulation so they stretch way too much and will soon slip.

This part may also suit some other CD drives, DVD drives, minidisc drives, drive trays or drawers, cassette decks, walkmans, dictaphones, models, etc but does not fit all models. Careful measurement will ensure that you order the correct belt for your machine.

As a general rule of thumb use a piece of string to measure the total distance round the drive path. Then deduct approximately 10% to give the correct drive tension. All measurements shown are approximate (given the elastic nature of drive belts), measured flat and non-stretched.

It is not a good idea to measure an old belt because it will certainly have stretched with age to an unpredictable length. You will definitely need to replace it with a smaller length, but it will be difficult to calculate it precisely.

All measurements shown are approximate, given the elastic nature of drive belts, measured flat and non-stretched.

What size do I need?:
Use a piece of string to measure the total distance round the band drive path. Then deduct approximately 5 to 15% to allow the correct tension. 

If you still have the old belt:
When measuring an old belt, remember it has probably stretched a bit with age like an old rubber band, so you may need to replace it with a slightly smaller one. This is not the most accurate way to do it. 


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High grade custom lead making facility
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Buy with confidence. Unsolicited Customer Quotes:

"Hi, Many thanks for your excellent efficient service.  The replacement belt is working well. Regards" C. Cox (15/06/2012)

"Many thanks for the excellent customer service. I will gladly buy from you again. Best Regards", J Houston (07/04/2012)

"I would just like to say that when I did a uk google search (drive belt), your site was the easiest to use and understand, with good, clear insructions. I especially liked the link to Pi, it made me smile". Best wishes, Ben UK (26/03/2009)

"Hello, Just to let you know how impressed I was with your prompt service! I sent you the order form for a replacement drive belt on Thursday, and on Saturday the belt arrived. That is faster than any online order I have ever done. The belt fits perfectly and I can now listen to my records again for the first time since I moved to England 17 years ago. Anyway, thanks again for a great service". Regards, Martin, UK (18/03/2009)

"Hi, Just received drive belt in this morning's post.  It works a treat too! Thank you for great service". Regards, Adrian, Kendal (07/03/2009)

"Replacement belt received in Spain within 3 days.  Old Pioneer Turn table doing the rounds once again.  Thankyou for your assistance and prompt service". From  R J M (27/02/2009)

"To Sales at GB.Audio, Many Thanks for your quick and prompt service the drive belt for my pioneer PL112D turntable fits perfectly so no I can now proceed to transfer all my vinyl collection to Cd. I was most impressed how fast the delivery arrived it was less than 24Hrs. Once again many thanks for the excellent service". Regards, John, UK (06/02/2009)

"Just a quick "thankyou" for a turnround on my order of under 24hours. The belt arrived this lunchtime & the turntable works perfectly now! Thanks for the help getting the turntable off the spindle. Great service." cheers, Peter (19/11/2008).

"many thanks for the quick delivery - turntable belt fitted, working perfectly so my thirty year old NAD 101 still going strong!" best regards Russell, Tonbridge, Kent (2008)

"Many thanks for great service. Drivebelt for turntable arrived this morning, after ordering yesterday afternoon. It fits perfectly, so for your information, should you ever get another enquiry about a belt for a Strathclyde Transcription Development turntable ( STD 305 model ), then belt no. 24 is the correct one. May get back to you about a cartridge sometime in the future. Thanks again!" Ian (01/11/2007)

"Thank you for the very quick delivery of my turntable belt..    i received a phone call from you at 1830 hrs , spoke to a very helpful gentleman, who took all the information, and the following day the belt arrived in the post.. will probably need a new stylus shortly, so will be  contacting you again shortly... in the meantime many thanks...   excellent service...." regards  Gary (2007)

"Hi, I ordered 2 drive belts for a Pioneer PL12D deck from you at about 5.00 pm yesterday (Wednesday) evening by phone. I've arrived home this evening to find them delivered among my post today. I know it's not a large item but that is amazing service - if only other suppliers could be as efficient as you. Many thanks and well done." Bernie (07/06/2007)

"I initially found your website via Google search, probably using the string "turntable belt replacement". There were a few options, but your site is the most informative and reassuring of correct ordering." 
Regards, Steve (2004).

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