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Replacement flat section, precision ground Butadiene synthetic rubber drive belts available in popular sizes to fit many hi-fi turntables and other diverse units; eg Revox A77, B77 & PR99 Mk1, tape recorders, cassette decks, turntables, 8 track, walkman, CD / DVD / XBox door tray drives, VCRs, projectors, tools, models and toys.
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Order code Diameter Circumference Width Buy
Flat Section (internal)  (internal)    
BELTD21 21mm 66mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT1 27mm 85mm 1mm Click here to buy
BELT2 31.5mm 99mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT2.2 32.5mm 102mm 7mm Click here to buy
BELT037801660 *Special* 41mm 128mm 7mm Click here to buy
BELT2.3 46.5mm 146mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT2.5 53.5mm 168mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT2.62 54mm 170mm 2mm Click here to buy
BELT2.635 54mm 170mm 3.5mm Click here to buy
BELT2.6 54mm 170mm 5.5mm Click here to buy
BELT2.8 57.5mm 181mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT3 58.5mm 184mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT3.2 60mm 188mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT3.3 62mm 195mm 4.5mm Click here to buy
BELT3.4 64.5mm 202mm 4.5mm Click here to buy
BELT3.5 66mm 207mm 4.8mm Click here to buy
BELT3.8 67.5mm 212mm 2.8mm Click here to buy
BELT4 69mm 217mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT5 71mm 223mm 2.8mm Click here to buy
BELT6 72mm 226mm 3.5mm Click here to buy
BELT6.5 76mm 238mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT7 77mm 242mm 4.1mm Click here to buy
BELT8 79mm 248mm 2.8mm Click here to buy
BELT9 81mm 254mm 3.5mm Click here to buy
BELT9.1 82mm 257mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT9.4 83.5mm 262mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT9.6 87mm 273mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT10 88mm 276mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT11 93.5mm 294mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT11.5 97mm 305mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT12 99mm 308mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT12.5 101mm 317mm 6mm Click here to buy
* BELT12.8 * 106mm 333mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT13 108mm 339mm 5.2mm Click here to buy
BELT14 113mm 355mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT14.5S 116mm 364mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT14.5 *Special* 116mm 364mm 10mm Click here to buy
BELT15 119mm 374mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT17 126mm 395mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT18 135mm 424mm 4.5mm Click here to buy
BELT2003 147mm 462mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT2004 147mm 462mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT2005 147mm 462mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT2006 147mm 462mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT2008 147mm 462mm 8mm Click here to buy
BELT22 155mm 488mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT23 158mm 496mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT24 162mm 512mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT24502 165mm 520mm 2mm Click here to buy
BELT24503 165mm 520mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT24504 165mm 520mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT24505 165mm 520mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT24506 165mm 520mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT25 169mm 530mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT27S 172mm 540mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT27 172mm 540mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT29 174mm 546mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT30 183mm 576mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT31 186mm 584mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT3202 187mm 590mm 2mm Click here to buy
BELT3203 187mm 590mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT3204 187mm 590mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT3205 187mm 590mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT3206 187mm 590mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT34 189mm 594mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT36 192mm 603mm 4.2mm Click here to buy
BELT3315 194mm 608mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT38 197mm 620mm 5.5mm Click here to buy
BELT4103 204mm 640mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT4106 204mm 640mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT43 206mm 647mm 5.6mm Click here to buy
BELT435 209mm 652mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT44 210mm 660mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT45 217mm 681mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT455 268mm 840mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT04 *Special* 277mm 870mm 6mm Click here to buy
BELT04 is known to fit: Aiwa PXE770, PX-E800, Fisher MT75, Philips, Pioneer C6000, PL50A, Sonab 75S, 85S, Yamaha CS50P. (March 2018) This belt is now discontinued and our supplier has no more stock. * We have a small quantity in stock until sold out *.
BELT458 280mm 880mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT46502 307mm 966mm 2mm Click here to buy
BELT46503 307mm 966mm 3mm Click here to buy
BELT46504 307mm 966mm 4mm Click here to buy
BELT46505 307mm 966mm 5mm Click here to buy
BELT46506 307mm 966mm 6mm Click here to buy
Round Section (internal) (internal)    
BELT60020 *Special 138mm 433mm 4mm Click to buy
BELT60024 *Special 165mm 516mm 1.78mm Click to buy
BELT60025 *Special 171mm 535mm 1.78mm Click to buy
BELT60035 *Special 199mm 625mm 3mm Click to buy
BELT60040 *Special 210mm 660mm 3mm Click to buy
BELT60070 *Special 304mm 955mm 3.5mm Click to buy
BELT60080 *Special 318mm 999mm 3.5mm Click to buy
BELT60090 *Special 356mm 1117mm 3.5mm Click to buy

Price: Most belts are £8.50 or £9.50 + 1.50 (UK p&p) = £10 or £11  (Except Specials).

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Or download our Order Form or order by phone;  0131 661 0022, mail, fax or email to
Contact us for EU and International export prices.

Free exchange guarantee. If you buy a belt which does not work because it is the wrong size, you can return it to us (with a self-addressed envelope) for a free exchange for a belt of a different size.

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For most Japanese decks (full platter):

Turntable platter assembly diagram - click for close-up
1. Remove the rubber mat and lift off the platter (most hubs just lift off, some require the removal of a circlip at the spindle).
2. Turn the platter over and measure the circumference of the hub (red line in the photo). The belt needs to be tight enough to hold on the inner hub with minimal stretching so deduct 5 - 10mm from the circumference to calculate the right length.
The motor pulley offset should not be added to the equation as this stretch provides the correct drive tension for the belt.
Fit the belt on the hub and replace the hub on the spindle. Rotate the hub until one of the inspection holes is above the motor pulley. Grasp the belt and hook it over the pulley and through the speed changer mechanism (this stretch gives the belt the correct drive tension).
5. Check that the deck runs with no fouling, replace the mat and you're ready.

For a transcription turntable (split platter):

Transcription turntable with platter removed
1. Remove the rubber/felt mat and lift off only the outer ring section of the platter.
2. Use a piece of string to measure the total distance round the hub and motor. Then deduct 4 to 6% (typically 20-30mm) to give the correct drive tension.

Transcription turntable with platter inverted to check belt alignment
3. Fit the belt on the hub and place the outer platter upside down on the hub to check that the belt runs with no fouling.

Transcription turntable with platter inverted to check belt alignment
4. Then turn the platter the right way up, replace the mat and you're ready.

If you still have the old belt:
This is the least accurate way to replace your belt and is not recommended. When measuring an old belt, remember it has certainly stretched with age like a rubber band, so you will need to replace it with a slightly shorter one. The problem is that there is no way of knowing how much it has stretched.

If you are unable to measure your hub (red line in the photo) circumference, measure the diameter and use the table above, which uses the equation: C (circumference) = Pi x D (diameter). 
Pi = 3.141592 (abbreviated). Click here to learn more about Pi

All measurements shown are approximate given the elastic nature of neoprene rubber drive belts, measured internal, flat and non-stretched.

Useful vinyl and hi-fi accessories:
Replacement round and square section neprene rubber belts Other drive belts: round section, square section for tape, cassette, CD, DVD, VCR.
Audio-Technica AT95E phono cartridge Audio-Technica cartridges
Replacement styli
HS4ULM ultra low mass headshell for standard Japanese turntable tonearms HS4ULM (Technics style) Ultra-low mass (9.2g) version with custom Van Damme studio grade wires. £27.95 + £1.50 p&p.
Custom audiophile headshell - cartridge leads Audiophile headshell wires custom headshell cartridge link leads made with Van Damme specialist broadcast-grade OFC cable for ultimate audio performance. Set of 4 £12.50 + £0.75 p&p.
BT-26 RIAA phono pre-amp B-Tech BT26 stereo phono pre-amp
Here's a high quality solution for connecting a turntable to your PC, mixing desk or an amplifier with only line inputs. Can also be used as a stereo microphone pre-amp.
£35.95 + £5.00 p&p.            
AC-1 USB audio capture device. Analogue to digital converter with built in RIAA phono pre-amp AC-1 Audio capture device. USB analogue / digital interface. Accepts line or turntable input. USB output to MAC or PC plus analogue line output to mixing desk or hi-fi system. Powered from USB port. No drivers required. Audacity recording and editing software included. £47.95 + £5.00 p&p
Gold plated, high grade, twin phono lead High grade twin phono interconnect lead 24K Gold-plated RCA phono connectors with strain reliefs. Oxygen-free copper (OFC), low capacitance cable for low loss and high definition
double screened (copper braid plus aluminium foil).
1.5 Metres
£4.99 + £3.50 p&p
3 Metres
£5.99 + £3.50 p&p
5 Metres
£6.99 + £3.50 p&p
10 Metres
£9.99 + £3.50 p&p
5 Metres (single)
£3.99 + £3.50 p&p
10 Metres (single)
£5.99 + £3.50 p&p.
FE-2 Ferrite filter. Snap-on ferrite clamp for cables up to 6.5mm diameter. Reduces electromagnetic interference being induced in or radiated from signal cables. Passive and, therefore, distortion free. Can be used on any microphone or line cable. Especially recommended for all leads connecting to computer or digital equipment. £4.95 + £3.00 p&p per pair. (now available in black).

4.0 mm² cable shown

High Definition speaker cable. 
Suitable for professional or home use. Multi-stranded copper. Cut to any length: 
2.5mm² (2x79/0.2mm) blk/wh £0.69/m
4.0mm² (2x521/0.1mm) clear £0.99/m
6.0mm² (2x784/0.1mm) clear £1.51/m 
Dr Know's Audio Clinic Dr Know's helpful advice for diagnosing and servicing your turntable and cartridge.
Three part service and set up on the Thorens TD150 Mk2 VIDEO TUTORIAL. Introduction and three part comprehensive service and set up on the Thorens TD150 Mk2
How to change your drive belt on the Dual CS505 VIDEO TUTORIAL. Dual CS505 basic service: set the transit screws, remove the headshell, replace the stylus, set tracking weight, replace main belt, replace pitch adjust belt.
How to measure and change the drive belt on a turntable VIDEO TUTORIAL. See how quick and easy it is to measure and change a turntable drive belt:
How to change your drive belt VIDEO TUTORIAL. See how quick and easy it is to change a turntable stylus:
How to measure and change the drive belt on a Logix 330D DVD player VIDEO TUTORIAL. See how quick and easy it is to measure and change a CD or DVD tray drive belt:
How to measure and change the drive belt on a Logix 330D DVD player VIDEO TUTORIAL. See how to replace a counter drive belt on a Revox B77
How to replace a VCR eject load drive belt VIDEO TUTORIAL. See how to replace a load/eject drive belt on a Hitachi M830 VHS video recorder
High grade custom lead making facility
High grade custom lead making facility
Our cable-making service can build bespoke, specialist audio leads to your specification.

Data sheet for Audio-Technica AT727 turntable

Data sheet for Dual CS505 turntable

Data sheet for Pioneer PL12D turntable

Data sheet for Pioneer PL15D turntable

Data sheet for Linn Sondek LP12 turntable

Data sheet for Marantz TT120 turntable


Neoprene rubber turntable drive beltWe have rubber drive belts to fit most models of turntable, CD, DVD, VCR, cassette, walkman, open reel, tape, 8 track, video, projector manufactured by Acoustic Research, Acoustic Solutions, Acoustical, Aiwa, Akai, Alba, Alesis, Alphason, Ampex, Ampro, Amstrad, AR, Arcam, Ariston, A-T, Atari, Audio-Technica, Audiophile Concept, Audioline, Audiomotion Inteligence, Audiotronic, Aurex, Autovox, B&O, Bang and Olufsen, Bauer, BayGen, Bel-Air, Beocord, Beogram, Binatone, Blaupunkt, Brother, BSR, BT, Bush, Cambridge, CEC, Citronic, CJ Walker, Clarion, Classic, Cloud, Connoiseur, Continuo, Cossor, Cranfield, Crossley, Crown, Currys, Daewoo, Dansette, Decca, Decimo, Denon, Diango, Discomaster, Discomatic, Dokorder, Dual, Dunlop,  Dynatron, Eagle, Echo, Eclipse, EDM, Ekco, ELF, Elite, Elizabethan, EMI, ERA, Esoteric, Ferguson, Ferrograph, Fidelity, Fisher, Fisher-Price, Fons, Ford, Fostex, Funai, Garrard, GC McDonald, GC McMichael, GEC, Gemini, Genexxa, Goldring, Goldstar, Gramophone, Grosvenor, Grundig, Hacker, Harman, Harman Kardon, Harry Moss, Harvard, Heybrook, Hinari, Hitachi, HK, Homemix, Imation, Ion, i-Symphony, Italian, ITC, ITT, Javelin, JB Systems, Jones, Jukebox, JVC, Kaleidoscope, KB, Kenwood, Kerzo, Kuzma, Kyoto, Lanier, Leak, Legend, Leica, Leitz, Lenco, LG, Limit,  Linasound, Linn, Lissa, Logic, Luxman,  Manticore, Mantra, Marantz, Marconiphone, Matsui, Matsushita, Maytion, Memorex, Micro-Seiki, Micromega, Minerva, Ministry of Sound, Mission, Mitsubishi, MOS, Motion Sound, Motorola, Murphy, Musi-Tapes, NAD, National, Neal, NEC, Network, Nikko, NJD, Numark, Onkyo, Optimus, Optonica, Origin, Otari, Palmer, Panasonic, Pencrest, Phase Linear, Philips, Pink Triangle, Pioneer, Planetron, Plessey, Premier, Prinzsound, ProAudio, Project, Proline, PT, Pure, Pye, QED, Radiomobile, Radionette, Raleigh, Rank Domus, RCA, Real Sound, Real Sound Co, Realistic, Reflekta, Rega, Revolver, Revox, Roberts, Roksan, Roland, Rollei, Rotel, Saba, Saisho, Samsung, Sankyo, Sansui, Sanyo, Scantic, Schneider, Scott, Seal, Sharp, Sherwood, Silver, Simms-Watt, Sinclair, Sonab, Sony, Soundlab, Sound Design, Sound Project, Source, Sovereign, Stanton, STD, Steepletone, Stelaphone, Stereo 8, Striker, Sunday Times, Synchro, Systemdeck, Tachnon, Tamashi, Tandberg, Tandy, TAP, Tascam, Teac, TEC, Technics, Technosonic, Teledyne, Telefunken, Teleton, Tektronic, Tempo, Tensai, Tevion, Thomson, Thorens, Thorn, Thorpe Grenville, Toshiba, Townsend, Tricity, Trio, Triumph, Tutelary, UAEA, Uher, Ultra, Umica, Voightlander, Wien, Valak, Vega, Veho, Vestax, Voightlander, Volvo, Voyd, VPI, Vulcan, Vyger, Walther, Wein, Wharfedale, Wien, Wilson Benesch, Woolworth, World of Wonder, X-Box, Yamaha, Zennox.

Buy with confidence.  Unsolicited Customer Quotes:

"I'm a full time carer who buys old stereos and fixes them for a hobby and It's been nice to know that when I've needed belts I've been able to get them. The belts are good quality and following your calculations I've never had a problem. I have used cheaper alternatives in the past but they are mostly poor quality and don't last. Anyway, thank you. :o)" Kevin (18/12/2020)

"Superb!   Watch the video - buy the part - fix the problem.  Thank you! RJS (11/11/2020)

"Thank you for your fast good service, I received the replacement belts today and they are perfect." PB (15/10/2020)

"Hi, Belt arrived in good time today. fitted it in 5 mins and lo and behold got Vintage Cassette deck working! Had scoured the net for ages for a replacement. It was under my nose in" Auld Reeky " Thanks again for advice and delivering. Kind Regards" Mike Murphy (14/10/2020)

"What a service can’t recommend GB Audio highly enough. Needed a drive belt for a beloved Wien 8TD3 8 track cartridge player. GB audio keep a record of belt sizes of many products and that matched with the belt drive path measurement I made, enabling quick identification of the right replacement belt. And it arrived the next day! Incredible service. Player now works perfectly. I’m so grateful, thank you for taking the time." Michael (09/09/2020)

"I received my order (2249) today in good condition... I am very happy with the result, the device works as usual. Many thanks and best regards," John (27/08/2020)

"Hello, I have a Hitachi VT-546E VCR. I have replaced the drive belt with the BELT105 and it works again, ejecting the tapes without problems (see attached photo). Thanks for shipping the drive belt so fast. Yours sincerely," Montse (20/08/2020)  

"Just to say belt recieved ans turntable back giving out great tunes. Cheers" Ged (05/05/2020)

"Many thanks for the great service. My new belt arrived and fitted today. It is the best £10 I have spent in ages... Bringing back happy memories of my Ford Cortina 8 track listening to my old cartridges. Kind regards" David (05/08/2020)

"thanks for your prompt reply got it on thursday  at fast service" eddy (31/07/2020)

"I can now happily report that the BELT1265 works as the rewind belt for my Stella ST459, and is the nearest I have found so far. Other ST459 owners may be interested to know this! Thanks again" Russell (19/06/2020)

"Thank for your help in selecting new belts for my Toshiba VCR  Player. They have been fitted and I had the pleasure of watching a film last night. Thanks for your service." A Linfoot. (04/06/2020)

"Telefunken magnetophon85 thanks for the belt 11 and belt18. These are both excellent fits." B Mitchell (07/05/2020)

"perfect fit, many thanks - cassette decks returned to full working order." David (23/04/2020)

"Thanks for advice and prompt delivery of Belt 106. Perfect fit. Would recommend to others." D Gilbert (19/04/2020)

"Hi Team, YES. An absolute fit, your recommendation was perfect. The motor pulley clearance readily accommodated the 5mm width even though the original was 4mm. The deployment around the flywheel flange also presented no issues. Tension felt spot on." A. Webber (01/04/2020)

"Thank you for your reply, but the drive belts arrived Saturday morning. All is well with a turntable which has not been used for 30 odd years. Already played a couple of albums. Thank you for your prompt service. Very Best Regards" R EBBS (16/03/2020)

"I found gb audio's web site on Google but contacted them by phone the man I spoke to was most helpful,the drive belt I ordered arrived the next day,works perfectly.excellent service wouldn't hesitate to use for any products and would recommend to anyone.thanks again". R Pearson (14/05/2019)

"Hi,belt came today,fitted it and the hi Fi turntable is working once again.Many thanks for your help and assistance". Alan. (03/05/2019)

"Hello. Belt received and perfect fit. Thank you for your excellent service. Regards" ANNA (21/01/2014)

"Hello... I would like to say thank you for helping me get the right belt for my turntable and the stylus as well. It is a pleasure to put my lp's on again and listen to music I thought would be lost. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year." M Albus  (16/12/2013)

"Excellent quick service and help getting a belt that worked on my deck. Thanks to you my old Pioneer deck lives to play again." RW Sussex (10/12/2013)

"Many thanks for such a good service, received the belt today and audio system is fine" S G (22/11/2013)

"All arrived OK. Thank you for your telephone instructions - very helpful" S. Robertson (02/07/2013)

"After much searching, I would like to thank you for your help and promptness in getting me a drive belt for my 80s Sharp stereo. I ordered it 13:30 on Friday and received it the next day Saturday! If only everyone could be that efficient!  The belt fits great and my Sharp stereo works like a dream after many years.
Keep up the good work. Wishing you all the best". L Overington (06/06/2013)

"Thank you for your past good service for the supply of drive belts... I now need a some more". C O'Brien (25/04/2013)

"Many thanks for the T38 drive belt. All working perfectly. Great service from your company" Kind regards.  
G J, East Stoke, Nottinghamshire (06/03/2013)

"Dear Sir/Madam, Eureka the belt fits I had obviously got the measurement to within the correct tolerances for the belt to grip just enough with minimum stretching". Thanks From Mr S Mulligan (05/01/2013)

"Many thanks for the belt, ordered just before 12AM, yesterday and this arrived before 9:30 today and it fits the Hitachi DA006. Many thanks". C Kennedy (08/12/12)

"Dear  Sir Thank you for the quick posting of the belt. I have the music back!" P W Harris (23/11/12)

"Hello there at GB Audio. Just a line to say thank you for supplying me with the drive belts for my car stereo. They fitted just about perfectly. They also arrived here in France two days after I spoke to you on the phone which must be about a record for the European Postal system. Many thanks again" Les (07/11/12)

"Hi, Many thanks for your excellent efficient service.  The replacement belt is working well. Regards" C. Cox (15/06/2012)

"To thank you for the excellent turnaround on the item I purchased on Tuesday January 3rd. - an item which I ordered on your advice. It was delivered on Monday 9th. which, considering that Friday 6th was a national holiday here in Spain was sooner than I expected. The item is working perfectly. Many thanks". E Robinson (11/01/2012)

"Many thanks I now have a double deck which no longer crumples my tapes exelent service a pleasure to have been served by you". O. Clark (07/12/2011)

"BELT-25 received this morning and seems to be exactly right. Many thanks". Georges (28/11/2011)

"Dear Sir, This is to acknowledge receipt of drive belt 10 and to thank you for such prompt service. This belt has enabled me to bring back to life my old TEAC A-400 Stereo Cassette Deck in which the original drive belt had disintegrated. I was unable to locate any references for an exact replacement, however your site advice regarding method of calculating the belt length etc., enabled me to establish the nearest equivalent from your list of drive belts. Thank you again. Yours faithfully, F.D.Stewart. (24/10/2011)

"I sent off my order form for a replacement turntable drive belt on Tuesday; on Thursday it arrived. Followed very clear instructions to get the right size drive belt; new one works perfectly. An exemplary service. Thanks" J Rizq (14/09/2011)

"That's brilliant! Thank you so much for the excent and speedy service. Best wishes," L. England. (03/09/2011)

"Thanks for the easy to use website" P. Collins (05/07/2011)

"Nice one, left message on Sunday, GB Audio called me back just after 9am on Monday, had drivebelt and turntable up and running on Tuesday. Couldn't have been easier or faster. Loved the Replacement Drive Belt selection table and guide, superb: H Wood" (12/04/2011)

"Thank you for the speedy service. I ordered the belt yesterday over the telephone and received it this morning. It works and fits well. Regards D Ewers" (22/03/2011)

"Many thanks for your help , the band arrived and fitted perfectly. My elderly father is now happily listening to Bach again! Cheers Ellen" (12/03/2011)

"Thank you GB audio, great service, only a replacement drive belt but arrived first class post next morning, have deck working again after a very long time. Already singing your praises. D Terry" (01/02/2011)

"Dear GB Audio, Many thanks for your prompt assistance in resolving my situation with regards to my Ariston RD 80 record deck. The belt arrived this morning much to my surprise and is now installed and playing quite nicely. I think the choice of belt was just about spot on, by the time it's bedded in, I'm not sure it would have taken the next size up. Once again thanks for great service. Best regards. JP Southward" (27/01/2011)

"Hi GB Audio person! Just quick note to say thanks very much for the drive belt which arrived safely today. I’m not sure which one of you I’ve been dealing with, but the service has been top class. You correctly predicted that a BELT29 would be the one for my deck (it was) when I couldn’t figure it out from the chart ... and then got the belt here in just a couple of days. As I write, I’m sitting here listening to vinyl that hasn’t had a needle through the grooves in years – all thanks to you". G Brown (15/03/2010)

"Found your excellent website whilst searching for a turntable drive belt for my Pioneer system. Unlike most on-line sales places your way of explaining about belt sizes and how to measure the turntable seems very logical and fool-proof". (09/03/2010)

"Hello GB Audio, Just a line to thank you for the very quick service and for taking the trouble to provide a website where we could easily identify the correct belt for our video machine. We are involved mainly in services for bands such as recording, PAT testing, video, photography and now there seems to be a demand for transferring VHS tapes to DVD, hence the need to keep our VHS machine working! Thanks again we will keep details of your website and recommend it to our customers if the occasion should arrise".
GWM (09/03/2010)

"Hi Guys, I ordered my Sansui Sr222 MK2 TT belt yesterday - it arrived at 9:30 this morning. I was up-and-running inside 5 minutes.
Fantastic service! Let's hope this one lasts 30 years too ... Cheers,
P Grogan, Dronfield (06/03/2010)

"Hi there, The belt arrived yesterday - overnight delivery first class post. It fits a treat and works perfectly. What can I say but great service and thank you". Paul B (14/01/2010)

"I would just like to say that when I did a uk google search (drive belt), your site was the easiest to use and understand, with good, clear insructions. I especially liked the link to Pi, it made me smile". Best wishes, Ben UK (26/03/2009)

"Hello, Just to let you know how impressed I was with your prompt service! I sent you the order form for a replacement drive belt on Thursday, and on Saturday the belt arrived. That is faster than any online order I have ever done. The belt fits perfectly and I can now listen to my records again for the first time since I moved to England 17 years ago. Anyway, thanks again for a great service". Regards, Martin, UK (18/03/2009)

"Hi, Just received drive belt in this morning's post.  It works a treat too! Thank you for great service". Regards, Adrian, Kendal (07/03/2009)

"Replacement belt received in Spain within 3 days.  Old Pioneer Turn table doing the rounds once again.  Thankyou for your assistance and prompt service". From  R J M (27/02/2009)

"To Sales at GB.Audio, Many Thanks for your quick and prompt service the drive belt for my pioneer PL112D turntable fits perfectly so no I can now proceed to transfer all my vinyl collection to Cd. I was most impressed how fast the delivery arrived it was less than 24Hrs. Once again many thanks for the excellent service". Regards, John, UK (06/02/2009)

"Just a quick "thankyou" for a turnround on my order of under 24hours. The belt arrived this lunchtime & the turntable works perfectly now! Thanks for the help getting the turntable off the spindle. Great service." cheers, Peter (19/11/2008).

"many thanks for the quick delivery - turntable belt fitted, working perfectly so my thirty year old NAD 101 still going strong!" best regards Russell, Tonbridge, Kent (2008)

"Many thanks for great service. Drivebelt for turntable arrived this morning, after ordering yesterday afternoon. It fits perfectly, so for your information, should you ever get another enquiry about a belt for a Strathclyde Transcription Development turntable ( STD 305 model ), then belt no. 24 is the correct one. May get back to you about a cartridge sometime in the future. Thanks again!" Ian (01/11/2007)

"Thank you for the very quick delivery of my turntable belt..    i received a phone call from you at 1830 hrs , spoke to a very helpful gentleman, who took all the information, and the following day the belt arrived in the post.. will probably need a new stylus shortly, so will be  contacting you again shortly... in the meantime many thanks...   excellent service...." regards  Gary (2007)

"Hi, I ordered 2 drive belts for a Pioneer PL12D deck from you at about 5.00 pm yesterday (Wednesday) evening by phone. I've arrived home this evening to find them delivered among my post today. I know it's not a large item but that is amazing service - if only other suppliers could be as efficient as you. Many thanks and well done." Bernie (07/06/2007)

"I initially found your website via Google search, probably using the string "turntable belt replacement". There were a few options, but your site is the most informative and reassuring of correct ordering." 
Regards, Steve (2004).

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