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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: Yes
New stock: Yes
Used stock: No
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TC 1220 stereo parametric equaliser

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 100kHz 1dB
Dynamic Range: >116dB
T.H.D: <0.015% 1kHz, 0dBm
Jack input: unbalanced, 1M Ohm, max +16dBm
Jack output: unbalanced, 50 Ohm, max 18dBm
PPM: 1 LED overload metering
Input gain: 20dB
EQ filters: Q=0.1 to 1 octave,
               Boost/cut: 16dB,
              Sweep ranges 1: 20 - 2000Hz
                                    2: 200 - 20000Hz
Power: 100/120/220/240V, 50/60Hz
Physical: 19" standard rack mount x 1u
Weight: 2.7kg (6lbs)

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TC1220 stereo parametric equaliser pre-amp

Key Features:

  • Natural equalizing and pure sound: Nothing but the best and most durable components may be used. Minimum signal path assures a clean, transparent signal processor
  • High Speed: The 1220 has a high slew rate of 2 MHz. This drastically reduces intermodulation distortion and thereby eliminates hidden coloration of the sound
  • 2 Bands and preamp: A preamp is built in for boosting low level signals by up to 20dB. All filters have cut/boost of 16dB and the centre frequency covers a 6.6 octave range providing the possibility for all bands to cover the important area between 200 to 2000Hz. The bandwidth for each of the 4 filters can be set from 0.1 octave to 1 octave to cope with the most demanding applications

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