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Production: Obsolete
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Digitech Studio Twin stereo, programmable multi effects processor.

Frequency response: 20-22kHz
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz
AD-DA Conversion: 18 bit
Processor: S-Disc (TM)
THD:  ?
Equivalent input noise: ?
Power requirements: 120V (USA model) or 240V (Europe model): Standard IEC 3 pin mains input.
Power consumption: 30W
Dimensions: 483 x 130 x 44mm
Weight: 2kg

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Digitech Studio Twin stereo digital programmable effects processor


  • 99 programmes
  • Three parameter input controls for quick access
  • Modify and store your settings
  • Adjustable pre-delay, decay, level, eq
  • Connections: jack inputs. jack outputs.
  • MIDI control input
  • true stereo inputs and outputs

Built on the company’s award-winning S-DISC(TM) processing technology, the true stereo effects processor utilizes a 44.1kHz sampling rate and 18-bit conversion to provide a myriad of tools, including stereo reverbs, multi-tap delays, chorus, flange, tremolo, detune and parametric EQ. With 99 factory programs provided, up to 99 combinations of user-defined programs can be easily modified and saved via the Studio Twin’s simple user interface. The processor also responds to MIDI, so programs can even be changed on the fly via a simple user interface. Excellent condition in appearance and working order.

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