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4 MIDI INs (one Controls 4 independent ports of 16 channels MIDI each).
6 MIDI OUTs (1A, 1B, A, 2B, 3 and 4 of 16 channels MIDI each one).
Interphase MIDI OPCODE for PC or Mac

Simultaneous Wordclock & 48 Superclock  44.1 kHz outputs.
Sample accurate lock-up between Pro-Tools and DA88 w/SY88, Akai DR4, DR8, EMU Darwin, Event Layla and other Wordclock devices.
Blackburst / Video reference in.
0.1% pull-up/pull-down for film/video sync w/computer.
ADAT Sync with MMC (MIDI Machine Control) to synchronize.
Varispeed ADAT, Wordclock and ProTools while slaving.
Full SMPTE support - reads and writes all sync formats, routes MMC & MTC.
LEDs at frontal to check state of: MIDI , Sample Rate, SMPTE Frame Rate, Sync Source & ADAT online.
Serial Mac / PC Connections port (mini DIN8 for Mac, DB9 for PC)

Requirements of systems :
Windows : Superior PC 486 or, superior Windows 3,1/3,11/95/98 ME NT.
Macintosh : 68020 or superior with serial port

Drivers for Windows 95, 98, Win Me, XP, MAC OS (The latest drivers can be downloaded from the net).

Studio 64 XTC MIDI / SMPTE time code synchroniser

It controls 4 simultaneous keyboards or controllers and 6 independent exits.
4 x 16 CHANNELS MIDI = TOTAL 64 ch.  

Studio 64XTC synchroniser

Drivers for Win98, NT or XP can be downloaded from:,idproduit,12407.html

A forum with hints and tips can be found at:

(GB Audio accept no liability for information or software from third party sites).

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