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Van Damme 16 channel Starquad broadcast multicore cable

Van Damme 16 channel Starquad broadcast multicore cable

Van Damme Brown series 8 and 16 way starquad multicores have been designed to offer the highest levels of noise rejection and superior signal transmission. The 8 and 16 way multicores are ideal for the outside broadcast and film industries where high voltage lighting can cause electrical interference problems. The starquad multicores both have heavy duty polyurethane (PUR) jackets for the rigours of OB usage.

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Van Damme now use a higher purity oxygen free copper for the conductors - Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper (UPOFC). The use of this material further improves the ‘solderability’ and conductivity of the conductor resulting in faithful and transparent signal reproduction.

Foam skin polyolefin is used for the conductor insulation. This special insulation is made up of individual pockets of inert gas suspended in polyolefin, resulting in a low dielectric constant (2.3) and most importantly low capacitance. The skin refers to the outer layer of the insulation, which forms during the extrusion process. This skin is harder than the layer of insulation below it ensuring that the conductor is well protected. The dielectric constant of foam skin polyolefin remains stable over a wide frequency range. Other relevant properties include good stress and temperature resistance.

Multicore cables
The four conductors are twisted together in a starquad format and are screened with 96% optical coverage bare copper braided screen. The resulting core is then overlaid with a highly flexible PVC composite jacket which is individually numbered along its length. The required number of cores are then laid up with natural cotton fillers and silicon talcum and are jacketed with a polyurethane (PUR) outer jacket. PUR is exceedingly tough and although slightly less flexible than PVC is the ideal jacketing material for repeated rigging in tough environments such as Outside Broadcast.

• 16 way multicore optimised for use with the VDM 54 pole
• For use in electrically and mechanically demanding environments

Multicore standard colour coding - free data sheet

Accessory Shop - bulk cable on the drum or cut to length

Neutrik NL2 Speakon, NL4 SpeakonJack, XLR3 wiring information

Van Damme full technical specification

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