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Production: Obsolete
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Akai S1000 digital sampler

The S1000 was one of the most affordable, and therefore, one of the most popular 16-bit 44.1kHz stereo samplers of it's time. It features 16-voices, up to 32MG of RAM, and 24-bit internal processing wherein samples can be processed through a set of analog-like (although digital) modifiers, including a digital filter (18dB/octave), an LFO, and two ADSR envelope generators (one for amplitude and one for the filter). The S1000 also offered up to 8 different loop points. Additional functions included Auto-looping, Crossfade Looping, Loop in Release (cycles through the loop as the sounds decay), Loop Until Release (cycles through the loop until the note begins its decay), and Reverse. The operating system is stored on ROM. However, upgrades can be loaded from a disk. Time Stretch function was available on version 1.3 and higher.

Power requirements: 240VAC 50Hz

Akai S1000 stereo sampler
  • Time Stretch
  • Filter's
  • Sampling rate: 44.1khz, 22.05khz
  • Pitch shifting
  • Sampling time: 23.76 sec- mono 44.1khz
  • Max no of samples: 200
  • Max no of programs: 100
  • Rec in:  2x XLR, 2x 1/4inch phone
  • Stereo out:  2x 1/4inch phone
  • Assignable out:  8x 1/4 inch phono
  • Effect Sends:   1x 1/4inch phone
  • Effect Returns: 2x 1/4inch phone
  • Head Phones:  1x 1/4inch phone
  • Foot Switch:    1x 1/4inch phone
  • Midi: In, Out, Thru

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