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Stacked on two R118 bass bins

RS5 stacked showing castor positions,
standard twin NL8 input plates, safety tie points, hinge plates and a hinge assembly normally used when flying.

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Shermann RS5 High definition 3 way bi-amped loudspeaker system for theatre, concert, club or music. 

The RS-5's mid band is inherently smooth, within 2dB over almost 3 octaves, allowing vocals to be mixed above instrument levels with comparative ease.
Weight saving in the robust RS-5 has been achieved through the use of newly
developed drivers featuring neodymium magnet which also have the additional advantages of very high efficiency and low distortion. 
A horn-loaded 12" bass/mid drive unit fitted with a neodymium magnet is
front mounted into its optimally sized enclosure. This method of mounting eliminates the requirement for a removable back thereby improving the structural integrity of the cabinet and further reducing weight. 
A superb 1" HF driver equipped with a neodymium magnet assembly mounted on a
Shermann horn unit and two vertically on a centrally located, easily removed mid/hf pod. The mid/hf pod assembly also acts as a phase plug providing low compression loading for the 12" bass/mid driver. The RS-5 offers premium performance as a front-of-house PA box whether flown or stacked in singles or multiples.

Touring the RS-5
Versatility is the keyword with all Shermann products and the RS-5 has been designed to maximise use within a wide variety of system combinations. The RS-5 was primarily designed for use with the R118-B however, subsequent live gig evaluation has shown that the RS-5 is not restricted to use in pairs with two or four R118B but also operates superbly in central clusters, stacked systems and flown multiples. Standard hardware includes dual GSM2.5 flying point & safety tie set plus, a unique hinge / kelping strap assembly which assists cabinet alignment during flying and stacking. Six strategically placed handles and four rear mounted 100mm swivel castors are fitted to assist transportation, stacking and storage. Fully tested and certificated hanging bars are available for the RS-5.

Technical Specifications
1 x 12" bass driver, 2 x 6.5" horn loaded mid drivers and 1" titanium / neodymium compression driver
3 point flying lugs fitted: MAN (flying kits available)
Frequency response: 60Hz - 17.5kHz
Power handling: 450 Watts rms (LF), 350 Watts rms (mid/HF)
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms (LF), 8 Ohms (mid/HF)
Dispersion (above 500Hz): 120 x 30 deg, medium throw
Sensitivity: 103dB @ 1 Watt / 1m
Max output: 132dB continuous / 138dB peak @ 1 metre
Weight: 43.2 Kgs (97lbs)
External volume: 148 Litres (5.22 cubic feet)
Dimensions: 556mm (H) x 538mm (W) x 564mm (690mm inc castors) (D) 
Finish: Black carpet (non-reflective) with acoustically transparent foam front
Connectors: 2 x Neutrik Speakon NL8

Cabinet shell: 15 & 18mm multi-laminate Scandinavian birch plywood.
Baffle assembly: 18mm multi-laminate Scandinavian
birch plywood.

Exterior fittings
Handle (top & bottom): Large steel recessed steel flip type
Handles (side): Steel recessed steel bar type
Finish: Heavy duty black carpet or optional textured paint finish - any colour *
Grille: Heavy duty welded mesh on steel frame c/w acoustically transparent foam and engraved logo.
Skids: Bottom mounted easily replaced 15mm plywood skids
Flying Points (supplied): GS-MA2.5 side mounted plates and
rear strap/hinge plates.

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