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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
New stock: No
Used stock: Yes
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Input: 1/4" jack and RCA phono
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" jacks and 2 x RCA phonos
Input Level: switchable -10dBm 1M
or -20dBm 47kΩ
Output Level: switchable -10dBm 2kΩ or -20dBm 2kΩ
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 30kHz 1dB (dry)
Frequency Response: 30Hz - 10kHz +1, -3dB (effect)
Sampling Frequency: 31.2kHz
Sampling System: 16 bit internal arithmetic
Residual Noise: -100dBm (IHF-A, level switch at -20dBm)
Remote control socket for external footswitch
Power: 9V DC (use Boss PSA 120, 220, 240 or RPW7 only)
Power DC link out socket.
Current Draw: 140mA
Dimensions (mm): 218 w x 169 d x 44 h
Weight: 900g


Free Boss RRV-10 user manual

Boss RVV-10 digital reverb effects processor

The BOSS RRV-10 reverb unit - Part of the classic Boss Micro-rack series which graced a huge amount of home studios back in the 1980s. The RRV-10 featured 9 selectable reverbs (room, hall & plates), with an adjustable decay-time and a pre-equaliser to shape the reverb tone. Stereo or mono outs are on the back and the front-panel also sports controls for adjusting reverb and direct output. A simple but effective budget unit.

The selectable effects are: ROOM 1 (small) ROOM 2 (large) HALL 1 (small) HALL 2 (large) PLATE 1 (small) PLATE 2 (large) MULTI-TAP 1 (delay) MULTI-TAP 2 (reverse) Gated Reverb.

Back in the days just before Fostex brought us cheap multitrack reel to reels; cassette based portastudios or 1/2 inch 8 tracks ruled the budget home studio world. Of the common, cheap, but decent fx available at that time, we already had Rebis's 'rack & card' based FX system had become a common sight in many budget studios as had the similar Studiomaster rack-range... Then there was a brand called Accessit with a cheap range of fx/proccessors too... and there were kits if you were a sparky person. Boss decided to get in on the act, which made sense as they are the budget division of Roland corporation, who were already turning out a decent range of fx & processors of their own. The Boss Micro range quickly became a firm favourite in the UK as a range of cheap but decent quality units perfect in both price and SIZE for the home studio enthusiast & smaller commercial studios. Units could be bought individually, and a 'master rack' could be purchased to house and power a whole set. Individual units took a wall wart supply for their DC power, the optional 'rack' could have a distribution power unit to power the whole lot (RPW-7 Power unit). I think you could also get an optional pressed steel 19" rack bay to house 2 Units at a time in a conventional 19" studio rack.

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