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This rare audiophile amplifier combination of 102 pre-amp and 202 power amp sounds fantastic and is incredibly stable, even when driving difficult speaker loads. Originally built in 1980 by Quantum Electronics of Leicester, UK.

102 Specifications:
RIAA phono (moving magnet) input, Line input, record in/out. Optional matching input card for moving coil cartridge. Controls: Volume and balance.
Inputs: disc 3.5mV rms, tape, aux 150mV
Outputs: Main 775mV = 0dB, tape 150mV
THD: <0.015% 20 - 20kHz
Common Mode Distortion: Zero
Signal to noise: disc -70dB, others -52dB
Dimensions: 153(w) x 261(d) x 58(h) mm
Weight: 0.755kg

202 Specifications:
Output power: 2x45W RMS (8 Ohms 20-20kHz)
Transient power: 120VA
THD: <0.015% at any level up to clipping, typically <0.005% at 1kHz
Frequency Response: 6 - 50kHz (3dB)
Signal to noise: >100dB
Slew rate: 35V/uS
Damping factor: 80 to 50Hz
Protection: against reactive and low impedance loads. Short circuit protected by fuse.
Power requirement: 120 or 230V AC 50Hz
Dimensions: 465(w) x 260(d) x 60(h) mm
Weight: 3.5kg

Quantum 102 pre-amp and 202 power amp set

Quantum 102 hi-fi audiophile pre-amp

Quantum 102 Hi-fi purist pre-amp

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