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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
New stock: No
Used stock: No

Damping factor: >400, 20Hz-1kHz @ 8Ω
Slew Rate: 70V/
THD: before clip, 20Hz-20kHz <0.03% at all load impedances. 1kHz THD typically at 0.003% at 8Ω before clip.
Input Sensitivity: 40x1.27V = full rated power
Channel Crosstalk: -96dB @ 1kHz/-56dB @ 20kHz.
Hum & Noise: better than 106dB below full rated output, A-weighted.
Cooling: forced air, rear-to-front using 106CFM fan. Automatic 2 speed, activates at 55C.
Input Connections: 2x "jack bal & unbal, 2xXLR3 locking connectors bal& unbal, screw terminal barrier strip.
Output connectors: 5 way binding post, screw terminal barrier strip.
Protection: On/off relay allows PSU stabilization
DC protect: 8Hz or DC at 3.5V.
Thermal: channel shutdown at 95
Power supply shutdown at 90
Surge: circuit protects against high in-rush current peaks at turn-on.
Current Voltage Limiting: Output transistor protection against short test and high current peak.
Individual channel load grounding relay.
Power requirements: 120W min, 3360W max, 1750W average @ 2Ω with musical program.
Dimensions: 483mm (w) x 330mm (d) x 133mm (h)
Weight: 26.4kg

Crest P4000 power amplifier.

Crest P4000 power amplifier

The Professional Series power amplifiers exemplify Crest Audio's heritage by offering true reliability and excellent performance. This results from Crest's no-compromise approach in electrical design and mechanical construction. Only the highest-grade components are used in the modular sub-assemblies, mounted in ultra-strong steel chassis.

The P4000 (shown) has exactly the same spec as the P4001 but benefits from a 20 segment LED peak reading VU meter per channel covering a range of -57dB to 0dB.

Power Ratings: 10Hz-20kHz, 0.1% THD (FTC)

Model 8 Ohms Stereo 4 Ohms Stereo 2 Ohms  Stereo 8 Ohms Bridged 4 Ohms Bridged Class
3000/3001 240 W 430 W 640 W 860 W 1280 W AB
4000/4001 325 W 550 W 800 W 1100 W 1500 W AB

Power Ratings: 1kHz, 1% THD (EIA)
Model 8 Ohms Stereo 4 Ohms Stereo 2 Ohms  Stereo 8 Ohms Bridged 4 Ohms Bridged Class
3000/3001 260 W 475 W 720 W 950 W 1440 W AB
4000/4001 340 W 600 W 900 W 1200 W 1800 W AB


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