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Alesis Multimix 12R mixing console. 

Frequency Response: 10 Hz 65 kHz +0/-1 dB
MIC IN: -60 dBu to -10 dBu nominal, maximum level +12 dBu
: -40 dBu to +10 dBu nominal, maximum level +32 dBu (balanced)
STEREO LINE IN: -15 dBu to +15 dBu nominal, maximum input level +22 dBu
: +76 dB, MIC IN to MAIN OUT, balanced+80 dB, MIC IN to MONITOR OUT, balanced or unbalanced
6 dB below channel clipping
METER: Peak type-24 dB to PK (+18 dB over reference at MAIN OUT, 6 dB before output clipping)
MAIN OUT LEVEL: (1/4" phone jacks) (when meter is at 0 VU)
+4 dBu (1.24 volts)into a balanced load-2 dBu into an unbalanced load
OUT LEVEL: (phono jacks)-10 dBV (.316 volts) unbalanced
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL: +22 dBu unbalanced, +28 dB ubalanced (6 dB above "PK"segment of main meter)
MONITOR OUT LEVEL: Same as above, but variable following MONITOR/PHONES
/DIRECT OUT (tip) Unity gain, INSERT IN (ring) Maximum level +22 dBu
HEADROOM:23.5 dB above nominal output

50-150 nominal source impedance (presents 4 k balanced load impedance)
IN: 600 -2 k nominal (>20 k load impedance)
OUTPUTS (MAIN, AUX and MON): 150 unbalanced, 300 balanced 1.1 k at -10dBV MAIN OUTS

Noise performance (typical):
at MAIN OUT: +4 dBu jacks, unbalanced load, 22 Hz to 22 kHz, all channels panned to center.
-128.5 dBu Equivalent Input Noise at maximum gain
Residual output noise (MASTER fader at nominal, channel faders at minimum):
<-88 dBu 12 inputs, faders and trims at unity gain, inputs terminated 150:<-85 dBu unbalanced (+22 dB max unbalanced out =107 dB dynamic range)

Distortion (THD+N):
Measured with a 0 dBu signal coming into a MIC IN jack with trim set for a +15 dBu output from the insert jack.
INSERT jack: Better than 0.0010%
At MAIN OUT: (+21 dBu balanced output level) Better than 0.0015%

Power requirements: UK model: 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 40 watts power consumption maximum
Dimensions:482(w) x 133(h) x 121(d)mm (3u) 
Weight:  ?kg

Alesis Multimix12R rack mount mixer
Alesis Multimix12R rack mount mixer

12 channel 19" rackmount mixer.

Main features:

  • 8 microphone inputs with switchable phantom power each with:
  • Input gain, pan, fader volume, 2 band EQ, 2 x aux sends, overload indicator
  • 2 stereo line inputs: 2x balanced " jack, each with:
  • Input gain, pan, fader volume, 2 band EQ, 2 x aux sends, overload indicator
  • Stereo aux return: 2x balanced " jack
  • L/R Master outputs: 2 x balanced " jack & 2 x RCA phono (-10dBV)
  • L/R Monitor outputs: 2 x balanced " jack
  • 2 Aux outputs: 2 x balanced " jack
  • Stereo record output: 2 x RCA phono

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Alesis Owner's Manual - downloadable PDF

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