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Sennheiser 300 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor
Like the wireless microphone, the wireless In Ear Monitor (IEM) system has allowed performers the freedom to command a greater area of the stage and beyond without the danger of inducing feedback into the microphone, or moving out of earshot of the monitor speakers. The advantages of clarity and fidelity offered by IEM will be obvious to any performer who has strained to hear their voice or instrument in a monitor mix, against a background of ever increasing on-stage volume levels. A further advantage, for artist and sound engineer alike, is that completely individual monitor balances can be transmitted to each performer. 

Now Sennheiser has made this latest professional IEM technology available to everyone with evolution IEM. Even more amazing, evolution IEM improves the quality, build and flexibility of IEM technology to provide the highest, interference-free transmission reliability and audio quality, and to make it simple to operate multiple IEM systems simultaneously. Each set consists of a stereo in ear phone with a special earpiece that is attached to the portable bodypack receiver (custom ear molds can also be used with the receiver pack). The system receives monitor sound from the fixed transmitter.

Specifications SR300 transmitter:
Frequencies: 8 switchable
Switching bandwidth: 32Mhz
Nominal deviation: 24kHz
Peak deviation: < 48kHz
Frequency stability: < 15ppm
AF frequency response: 50 - 15kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: >100dB (A)
THD: <0.9% @ 1kHz
RF output: typically 20mW
Inputs: balanced " jack +10dB
Level adjustment: 0-40dB
Power supply: external NT2-1 10.5 - 16VDC
Power consumption: 200mA
Dimensions: 212x145x38mm
Weight: 1.1kg

EK300 receiver:
Sensitivity: <2.5uV @ 52dB
Squelch threshold: 1-100uV, adjustable
Output: 3.5mm jack socket >100mW @ 32 Ohms
Powered by 1 x 9V alkaline battery
Operating time 4-6 hours depending on volume
Dimensions: 110x65x22mm
Weight: 255g

Bulk batteries available on sale-or-return with radio mic hire

Full Sennheiser price list

Click here for UK radio mic frequency allocations

Sennheiser IEM300 wireless in-ear monitor kit


  • High quality in ear monitoring for even greater on-stage freedom for
    artists and performers
  • Reduced risk of on-stage feedback allows higher sound pressure levels
  • Create personalized in ear monitor mixes for each performer
  • Eight switchable preset frequencies enable several IEM's to be operated simultaneously
  • FOCUS function switches stereo monitoring to "dual mono" mode, enabling performers to individually separate their voice or instrument from the total mix
  • Safety mode: protects performers from excessive in ear sound pressure levels
  • HDX noise reduction system
  • Programmable frequency
  • Programmable sensitivity: (-30dB/-20dB/-10dB/0dB)
  • Programmable squelch: (0dB to 40dB in 5dB steps) 
  • Programmable name display

The Evolution wireless IEM system consists of three main components: At the heart of the system is the SR 300 IEM stereo rackmountable transmitter. The rugged EK 300 IEM stereo pocket receiver has been specially designed for rough stage use - its modern controls, adapted to live stage work, ensure a straight-forward, intuitive operation. Both transmitter and receiver feature a special "lock mode" function to prevent operating errors. With in-ear headphones connected to the receiver, the musician and/or sound engineer can listen to the stereo audio signal received.

Although obsolete, we
have some original or replacement parts available for Sennheiser Evolution Series wireless kits:

  • Mains PSUs,
  • Receiver antennas,
  • Transmitter antennas
  • choice of microphones, clips, windshields
  • Locking connector plugs.

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