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Refurbish your tired old hi-fi equipment with a new drive belt. Rediscover your vinyl, mix tapes and family recordings

Refurbish your tired old hi-fi equipment with a new drive belt. Rediscover your vinyl, mix tapes and family recordings  Please like our Drive Belts page on Facebook
Round section neoprene rubber drive belts to fit most models of cassette, walkman, open reel, tape, video

Cassette drive belts

Square section neoprene rubber drive belts to fit most models of CD, DVD, VCR, cassette, walkman, open reel, tape, video, projector

Tape drive belts

How to replace the drive belts for the Revox B77 tape counter

 B77 tape counter fix

Flat precision ground neoprene rubber drive belts to fit most models of turntable, cassette, open reel, tape, video, VCR, 8 track, projector

Turntable drive belts

How to measure and change the drive belt on a turntable

What size turntable belt?

Square section neoprene rubber drive belts to fit most models of CD, DVD, X-Box, VCR, cassette, walkman, tape, video, projector

CD & DVD drive belts

How to measure and change the drive belt on a Logix 330D DVD player

Sticky CD/DVD tray?

Square section neoprene rubber drive belts to fit most models of CD, DVD, X-Box, VCR, cassette, walkman, tape, video, projector

VCR drive belts

How to replace a VCR eject load drive belt

VCR not ejecting?

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"I recently took a punt on buying your BELT134 as it seemed to be the only one long enough to replace the one that snapped on my vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder. I'm pleased to report that it did fit and the machine is restored to health. As I own another almost identical machine I shall be ordering a second belt to have in stock for when the one in that expires! For your records my two machines are British Radio Corporation/Thorn Model 4247 four-track recorders, one badged Ferguson and the other Marconiphone (identical apart from trim). Replacing the belt was a bit fiddly, but I did find instructions. They were glued to the inside of the bottom of the machine, so I had to dismantle it before I came across them... Anyway, it went back together and works, so thanks for your service. Best wishes," M Harrison (07/04/2021)

"Good afternoon, This afternoon i have replaced the couterbelts of my Revox B77 wich i ordered from your shop. With the excellent instructionvideo on YouTube is was very easy to do. Thank you for that. Excuses for bad English. Greetings," P Severeijnen The Netherlands (22/01/2021)

"Hi there. Thanks the belt this week - for the Pioneer H-R99 8 Track Recorder Player - drive belt. Just to let you know it works well if you wish to add this to your database. This 8 track is basically one of 2 or 3 that 8 track connoisseurs hold in high regard - so to have a belt supply is wonderful. Thanks again! Warmest regards M Hoar (14/01/2021)

"Thank you for sending me drive belts 87 & 985 on order number 2491. They arrived the next day after despatch notification and the equipment is fully functional once again. For your records, the audio unit is a Philips Mini Hi-Fi system, Model No. FW-P750/22 and the belts are for the opening/closing and rotation of the 3 CD tray. I have a similar unit, Philips FW-C785/22 which uses the same CD mechanism so I'm certain the same belts would fit this as well." M Marriott (12/01/2021)

"I'm a full time carer who buys old stereos and fixes them for a hobby and It's been nice to know that when I've needed belts I've been able to get them. The belts are good quality and following your calculations I've never had a problem. I have used cheaper alternatives in the past but they are mostly poor quality and don't last. Anyway, thank you. :o)"  Kevin (18/12/2020)

"Superb! Watch the video - buy the part - fix the problem. Thank you!" RJS (11/11/2020)

"Hi, Belt arrived in good time today. fitted it in 5 mins and lo and behold got Vintage Cassette deck working! Had scoured the net for ages for a replacement. It was under my nose in" Auld Reeky " Thanks again for advice and delivering. Kind Regards" M Murphy (14/10/2020)

"I received my order (2249) today in good condition. The drive belts (BELT68 & BELT69) are meant to restore the loading mechanism of my Denon MD Recorder DN-M1050R. It only takes one belt, but to be sure I also ordered a slightly smaller size. I have installed BELT69, the longest one, but actually they are both good because the difference is only 1mm. I am very happy with the result, the device works as usual. Many thanks and best regards," John (27/08/2020)

"Many thanks for the great service. My new belt arrived and fitted today. It is the best £10 I have spent in ages. For your reference I have attached photos of my player/recorder for your library. Bringing back happy memories of my Ford Cortina 8 track listening to my old cartridges. Kind regards" D Elsworth (05/08/2020)

"Thanks very much. I received the turntable belt this morning and it works very well. For your database, the belt number is 27S and the turntable is a Bush MTT1". J Jones (03/08/2020)

"Good afternoon, thank you for a great service. Carried out repair of a Sharp XL-HP550E micrp system. My problem was that cassette deck would not rewind both ways, only one. Checked unit and the trouble seemed to be the round belt. Decided to change both belts, one flat  (belt 3)  from the drive motor  and the round ( belt 50). As the original belts for this are now obsolete, it was good to find you had ones that would do the job. Now works properly. Photo enclosed of tthe unit. Hope this helps somebody else. Many thanks"  R West (29/07/2020)

"I can now happily report that the BELT1265 works as the rewind belt for my Stella ST459, and is the nearest I have found so far. Other ST459 owners may be interested to know this! Thanks again." Russell (19/06/2020)

"Thank for your help in selecting new belts for my Toshiba VCR  Player. They have been fitted and I had the pleasure of watching a film last night. Thanks for your service." A Linfoot. (04/06/2020)

"Telefunken magnetophon85 thanks for the belt 11 and belt18. These are both excellent fits" B Mitchell (07/05/2020)

"Thanks for advice and prompt delivery of Belt 106. Perfect fit. Would recommend to others. Attached photos of 38 year old Cassette player." D Gilbert (19/04/2020)

BELT605: "NAD T513 DVD/CD/MP-3 Player perfect match, as original." ylapas (10/04/2020)

"Thank you for the two belts which arrived this morning. I have fitted both and find them to be entirely satisfactory. Your speedy response and efficient service is very much appreciated Regards", R Wapling (25/03/2020)

"Thank you for your reply, but the drive belts arrived Saturday morning. All is well with a turntable which has not been used for 30 odd years. Already played a couple of albums. Thank you for your prompt service. Very Best Regards" R EBBS (16/03/2020)

"Thanks for the drive belt (Belt 62). With respect to feedback: The belt fits my Arcam DV139 disc player... Even Arcam couldn't tell me the dimensions of the belt, so this info will be useful for other owners. Hope this helps," M. Ward (10/11/2019)

"I found gb audio's web site on Google but contacted them by phone the man I spoke to was most helpful,the drive belt I ordered arrived the next day,works perfectly.excellent service wouldn't hesitate to use for any products and would recommend to anyone.thanks again". R Pearson (14/05/2019)

"Hi,belt came today,fitted it and the hi Fi turntable is working once again.Many thanks for your help and assistance". Alan. (03/05/2019)

"I would just like to say a very big thank you for sorting out our problem with the belts for our projector.   We tried them last night and they work wonderfully." EmojiEmojiEmoji M Kessell (02/07/2015).

"Hi just like to thank you so much for your help, i had put my music center in the garage ready for the tip, then my husband said he would look at it and with your help (new belt & stylis) it is now back in the house playing records loud and proud so a very big thanks" Diane (02/06/2015)

"New belts work a treat.  Many thanks." M Brock (19/05/2015)

"Quick simple transaction.  Recommended.  Excellent service.  Order arrived safely in today's post".  Regards, John. (30/04/2015)

 "Just wanted to say thank you very much. I rang up and ordered one of your 3.2 belts late afternoon on Friday 10th hoping it would fit my wien 8 track player. Unbelieveably the belt arrived in Saturday morning's post. I fitted the belt straight away and it is perfect, the 8 track is now running at the right speed with no wow or flutter. Thanks again and regards," Jonathan. (11/04/2015)

"Thank you for a fast reliable service, SANYO up and running ahead of time". R Crooks (28/03/2015)

"Hi There! Received the drive belts I ordered yesterday. All a perfect fit and the system is working perfectly now. First class service by you guys. Many thanks for the swift delivery. Kind regards" M. MacElroy, Littleport (27/02/2015)

"Hi Folks, Fantastic, 22.5 hours after sending the order email, the new drive belt has not only arrived, but it's installed and fully working!! I can't see how that could be done any quicker unless they brought Concorde back into service!" A Young. (20/02/2015)

"Hi and many thanks for the BELT4 which arrived the morning after ordering and restored full working order, great service thanks. Regards," Peter Carliell (19/01/2015)

"Just want to say thankyou very much for belt (for an old EL phillips tape recorder 1959) it fitted perfectly!! Also thanks for your help on the phone, and next day delivery!!" Barry. (13/01/2015)

"Just a note to express my appreciation of your helpful advice and amazingly speedy delivery. (next day). The belt you suggested does indeed fit viz. T134 for what I think is a Philips EL3541 reel-to-reel recorder. Many thanks" S Turner (02/01/2015)

"Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know the drive belts arrived promptly on the 16th December. They work perfectly and I can,at last, now put all my old 60’s and 70’s compilation cassette tapes onto the computer. Once again thanks for the great service and I wish everyone at GBAUDIO a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Best regards".  D Pearson (17/12/2014)

"Hi, your belts have fixed the ‘the doubting Thomas’ wife who complained to you about the tape deck been in bits all over the dining table. It works, it works." Cheers Chris W (15/11/2014)

"Hello GB Audio, I have just received my new drive belt, and it fits perfectly. Many thanks for your help, advice and quick service. Regards, Jane (13/11/2014)

"Many thanks for the quick turn round for the replacement belt. It works great." Patrick Smith (17/10/2014)

"belts arrived this morning, tape deck back in action thank you again for your help." Gerry. (04/10/2014)

"I received today the two belts in good order. Thank you for your prompt reaction. I've added your website to my favorites and will visit you again. Many thanks - see you," W Huybrechts (11/09/2014)

"Just a note to say many thanks for the Belt 129 received today. It works just fine on my Phillips 437 - normal service is resumed ;-) All the best" Martyn James (30/07/2014)

"Hello, Just curious.The belts arrived today.I must say,that is quick.What did you do put them on a NASA shuttle?Any ways that is excellent service and I would like to say Thank You.Certainly will consider GB Audio for any future purchases.You can put this in your feed back if you wish. Regards" Bill (15/07/2014)

"thanks for sending the Ariston Q replacement belt. The 23 size fits fine and way better speed of the deck" Dr M Smith (19/06/2014)

"Thanks for the prompt service. I can confirm it has been delivered today and I fanally have a working turntable after 20 yrs of inactivity due being unable to find a replacement belt even from Hitachi the maker of the deck? Thanks again!! A happy and satisfied customer" Graham L (23/04/2014)

"Excellent service and my old Walkman is now going perfectly, well worth the investment. Thanks a million." T Jolliffe (19/03/2014)

"Hello. I would like to say thank you for helping me get the right belt for my turntable and the stylus as well. It is a pleasure to put my lp's on again and listen to music I thought would be lost. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year". M Albus, Shrewsbury (16/12/2013)

"Excellent quick service and help getting a belt that worked on my deck. Thanks to you my old Pioneer deck lives to play again." RW Sussex (10/12/2013)

"After much searching, I would like to thank you for your help and promptness in getting me a drive belt for my 80s Sharp stereo. I ordered it 13:30 on Friday and received it the next day Saturday! If only everyone could be that efficient! The belt fits great and my Sharp stereo works like a dream after many years. Keep up the good work. Wishing you all the best" Luke (06/06/2013)

"Thank you for your help in sorting a belt for the Philips unit, it works very well now, much appreciated.
Best regards," Ron. (26/07/2013)

"Arrived next morning - under 24 hours. Thanks very much indeed for quick response in posting it off. I'm very pleased. Thanks very much indeed" B. Drummond (27/04/2013)

"Thank you for your past good service for the supply of drive belts... I now need a some more". C O'Brien (25/04/2013)

"Just wanted to thank you for the quick and efficient delivery of my recent order. With this new Belt I have been able to bring back into service a high quality Pioneer CT-506 Cassette Player, which must be at least 35 years old! Hopefully the other belts will hold up – if not I’ll be back to you for the others!" Regards, R Clapton (11/03/2013)

"Dear Sir/Madam, Eureka the belt fits I had obviously got the measurement to within the correct tolerances for the belt to grip just enough with minimum stretching". Thanks From Mr S Mulligan (05/01/2013)

"Many thanks for the belt, ordered just before 12AM, yesterday and this arrived before 9:30 today and it fits the Hitachi DA006. Many thanks". C Kennedy (08/12/2012)

"Sirs, Many thanks for the belt, ordered just before 12AM, yesterday and this arrived before 9:30 today and it fits the Hitachi DA006. Many thanks." C Kennedy (04/12/2012)

"Dear  Sir Thank you for the quick posting of the belt. I have the music back!" P W Harris (23/11/2012)

"Hello there at GB Audio. Just a line to say thank you for supplying me with the drive belts for my car stereo. They fitted just about perfectly. They also arrived here in France two days after I spoke to you on the phone which must be about a record for the European Postal system. Many thanks again" Les (07/11/2012)

"Hi, Many thanks for your excellent efficient service.  The replacement belt is working well. Regards" C. Cox (15/06/2012)

"Many thanks for the excellent customer service. I will gladly buy from you again. Best Regards", J Houston (07/04/2012)

"I ordered a drive belt for a very old reel to reel tape recorder. The belt was delivered to me on the next morning...Great service...Thank you very much.  Regards" A Beet (06/03/2012)

"To thank you for the excellent turnaround on the item I purchased on Tuesday January 3rd. - an item which I ordered on your advice. It was delivered on Monday 9th. which, considering that Friday 6th was a national holiday here in Spain was sooner than I expected. The item is working perfectly. Many thanks". E Robinson (11/01/2012)

"Many thanks I now have a double deck which no longer crumples my tapes exelent service a pleasure to have been served by you". O. Clark (07/12/2011)

"Dear GB Audio, I just wanted to let you know that the drive belt I ordered (BELT12) is now fitted and working perfectly in the 8-track car stereo that I was restoring". J Siddons (28/11/2011)

"Dear Sir, This is to acknowledge receipt of drive belt 10 and to thank you for such prompt service. This belt has enabled me to bring back to life my old TEAC A-400 Stereo Cassette Deck in which the original drive belt had disintegrated. I was unable to locate any references for an exact replacement, however your site advice regarding method of calculating the belt length etc., enabled me to establish the nearest equivalent from your list of drive belts. Thank you again. Yours faithfully, F.D.Stewart. (24/10/2011)

"I sent off my order form for a replacement turntable drive belt on Tuesday; on Thursday it arrived. Followed very clear instructions to get the right size drive belt; new one works perfectly. An exemplary service. Thanks", Johnny Rizq (14/09/2011)

"Hello. Thanks for the speedy fulfilment of my order for a replacement cassette drive belt My Philips D8367 Mark 2 Super Tandem twin cassette from 1985? avoids the WEEE bin! Best regards Robin", Oxford, UK (24/03/2011)

"Dear GB Audio. Many thanks for your prompt service and delivery of the cassette belt I ordered from you. It is now fitted and works perfectly. Best wishes I Usher" UK (20/03/2011)

"Hi Audio, Just fitted your belt, cassette works fine, can now listen to Doris Day:: Probably contact you with an order for more belts, need the cassete for the barby season. Regards Bill. [hope you get your shopping basket on line.]" (25/02/2011)

"Many thanks for speedy service. It arrived ~ 24hrs from placing order! The belt is used in a Yamaha KX-580 Special Edition Hi-Fi tape deck and works perfectly. P. Sherwood" (02/08/2010)

"I would just like to say that when I did a uk google search (drive belt), your site was the easiest to use and understand, with good, clear insructions. I especially liked the link to Pi, it made me smile. Best wishes, Ben" UK (26/03/2009)

"Hello, Just to let you know how impressed I was with your prompt service! I sent you the order form for a replacement drive belt on Thursday, and on Saturday the belt arrived. That is faster than any online order I have ever done. The belt fits perfectly and I can now listen to my records again for the first time since I moved to England 17 years ago. Anyway, thanks again for a great service. Regards, Martin", UK (18/03/2009)

"Hi, Just received drive belt in this morning's post.  It works a treat too! Thank you for great service. Regards, Adrian", Kendal (07/03/2009)

"Replacement belt received in Spain within 3 days.  Old Pioneer Turn table doing the rounds once again.  Thankyou for your assistance and prompt service. From  R J M" (27/02/2009)

"To Sales at GB.Audio, Many Thanks for your quick and prompt service the drive belt for my pioneer PL112D turntable fits perfectly so no I can now proceed to transfer all my vinyl collection to Cd. I was most impressed how fast the delivery arrived it was less than 24Hrs. Once again many thanks for the excellent service. Regards, John", UK (06/02/2009)

"Just a quick "thankyou" for a turnround on my order of under 24hours. The belt arrived this lunchtime & the turntable works perfectly now! Thanks for the help getting the turntable off the spindle. Great service. cheers, Peter" (19/11/2008).

"many thanks for the quick delivery - turntable belt fitted, working perfectly so my thirty year old NAD 101 still going strong! best regards Russell", Tonbridge, Kent (2008)

"Many thanks for great service. Drivebelt for turntable arrived this morning, after ordering yesterday afternoon. It fits perfectly, so for your information, should you ever get another enquiry about a belt for a Strathclyde Transcription Development turntable ( STD 305 model ), then belt no. 24 is the correct one. May get back to you about a cartridge sometime in the future. Thanks again! Ian" (01/11/2007)

"Thank you for the very quick delivery of my turntable belt..    i received a phone call from you at 1830 hrs , spoke to a very helpful gentleman, who took all the information, and the following day the belt arrived in the post.. will probably need a new stylus shortly, so will be  contacting you again shortly... in the meantime many thanks...   excellent service.... regards  Gary" (2007)

"Hi, I ordered 2 drive belts for a Pioneer PL12D deck from you at about 5.00 pm yesterday (Wednesday) evening by phone. I've arrived home this evening to find them delivered among my post today. I know it's not a large item but that is amazing service - if only other suppliers could be as efficient as you. Many thanks and well done. Bernie" (07/06/2007)

"I initially found your website via Google search, probably using the string "turntable belt replacement". There were a few options, but your site is the most informative and reassuring of correct ordering.
Regards, Steve" (2004).

We have neoprene, rubber drive belts to fit most models of CD, DVD, VCR, cassette, walkman, open reel, tape, 8 track, video, turntable, projector manufactured by Acoustic Research, Acoustic Solutions, Acoustical, Aiwa, Akai, Alba, Alesis, Alphason, Ampex, Ampro, Amstrad, AR, Arcam, Ariston, A-T, Atari, Audio-Technica, Audiophile Concept, Audioline, Audiomotion Inteligence, Audiotronic, Aurex, Autovox, B&O, Bang and Olufsen, Bauer, BayGen, Bel-Air, Beocord, Beogram, Binatone, Blaupunkt, Brother, BSR, BT, Bush, Cambridge, CEC, Citronic, CJ Walker, Clarion, Classic, Cloud, Connoiseur, Continuo, Cossor, Cranfield, Crossley, Crown, Currys, Daewoo, Dansette, Decca, Decimo, Denon, Diango, Discomaster, Discomatic, Dokorder, Dual, Dunlop,  Dynatron, Eagle, Echo, Eclipse, EDM, Ekco, ELF, Elite, Elizabethan, EMI, ERA, Esoteric, Ferguson, Ferrograph, Fidelity, Fisher, Fisher-Price, Fons, Ford, Fostex, Funai, Garrard, GC McDonald, GC McMichael, GEC, Gemini, Genexxa, Goldring, Goldstar, Gramophone, Grosvenor, Grundig, Hacker, Harman, Harman Kardon, Harry Moss, Harvard, Heybrook, Hinari, Hitachi, HK, Homemix, Imation, Ion, i-Symphony, Italian, ITC, ITT, Javelin, JB Systems, Jones, Jukebox, JVC, Kaleidoscope, KB, Kenwood, Kerzo, Kuzma, Kyoto, Lanier, Leak, Legend, Leica, Leitz, Lenco, LG, Limit,  Linasound, Linn, Lissa, Logic, Luxman,  Manticore, Mantra, Marantz, Marconiphone, Matsui, Matsushita, Maytion, Memorex, Micro-Seiki, Micromega, Minerva, Ministry of Sound, Mission, Mitsubishi, MOS, Motion Sound, Motorola, Murphy, Musi-Tapes, NAD, National, Neal, NEC, Network, Nikko, NJD, Numark, Onkyo, Optimus, Optonica, Origin, Otari, Palmer, Panasonic, Pencrest, Phase Linear, Philips, Pink Triangle, Pioneer, Planetron, Plessey, Premier, Prinzsound, ProAudio, Project, Proline, PT, Pure, Pye, QED, Radiomobile, Radionette, Raleigh, Rank Domus, RCA, Real Sound, Real Sound Co, Realistic, Reflekta, Rega, Revolver, Revox, Roberts, Roksan, Roland, Rollei, Rotel, Saba, Saisho, Samsung, Sankyo, Sansui, Sanyo, Scantic, Schneider, Scott, Seal, Sharp, Sherwood, Silver, Simms-Watt, Sinclair, Sonab, Sony, Soundlab, Sound Design, Sound Project, Source, Sovereign, Stanton, STD, Steepletone, Stelaphone, Stereo 8, Striker, Sunday Times, Synchro, Systemdeck, Tachnon, Tamashi, Tandberg, Tandy, TAP, Tascam, Teac, TEC, Technics, Technosonic, Teledyne, Telefunken, Teleton, Tektronic, Tempo, Tensai, Tevion, Thomson, Thorens, Thorn, Thorpe Grenville, Toshiba, Townsend, Tricity, Trio, Triumph, Tutelary, UAEA, Uher, Ultra, Umica, Voightlander, Wien, Valak, Vega, Veho, Vestax, Voightlander, Volvo, Voyd, VPI, Vulcan, Vyger, Walther, Wein, Wharfedale, Wien, Wilson Benesch, Woolworth, World of Wonder, X-Box, Yamaha, Zennox.


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