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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
New stock: No
Used stock: No
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Grampian 562A vintage valve PA amplifier

2x6L6 (rear left)
1xEF88/6267 (front left)
1x12AU7 (in front of 2nd 6L6)
1xEX81 (front right)

1 balanced mic input
1 gram (turntable) input.
Choice of standard low impedance speaker output or 100v line operation.

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Grampian 562A without cover




With cover -------------->

Grampian 562A with cover attached

Volume controls for mic and gram.
Bass and Treble equaliser controls.

Mic, Gram, Bass, High controls ----->

Grampian 562A volume and tone controls


Choice of outputs for matching:
7.5 Ohm, 15 Ohm or 100v line speakers.

Output connector impedance options --->

Grampian 562A output connectors


3 pin connectors for gram (turntable) and balanced microphone ------>

Grampian 562A input connectors


Name badge ------------------->

Grampian 562A name badge

Mains Power requirement

Selectable 110-120, 200-220, 220-240, 240-260 VAC.

Mains voltage selector patch ------------>

Grampian 562A voltage selector

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