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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
New stock: No
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Denon analogue cassette recorder.

Auto-reverse cassette player with soft touch, full logic transport controls, synchro start recording, music search, tape counter, mpx filter.

Automatic bias select.
Noise Reduction: Dolby HX Pro, Dolby B & C
Inputs: 775mV (0dBm) max. 50kΩ unbalanced RCA phono connectors
Outputs: 775mV (0dBm) max. 47kΩ unbalanced RCA phono connectors
Display: Fluorescent
Power requirements: 230V AC 50Hz 13W
Power outlet: 2 pin Euro @ 100W max
Dimensions: 208(w) x 94(h) x 324 (d)
Weight: 2.5kg

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We have a range or replacement drive belts available

Denon DRR-M10 cassette recorder

The DENON DRR-M10 auto-reverse cassette deck offers many features for great recording. The DRR-M10 includes automatic tape type selector, music search and one-touch CD recording. It features a horizontal loading mechanism for smooth, stable tape travel. The horizontal loading mechanism is an ideal design for the rotating drive system that forms the heart of every cassette deck. Minute vibrations of the cassette shell are minimized to enable recording and playback of clean, high-quality sound. The Dolby HX-Pro brings out the true, clear beauty of music during playback, and offers Dolby HX-Pro in addition to both Dolby B and C noise reduction systems.

History: 1999-2001 - to complement D-M3 and D-M5 mini systems.

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