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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
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Dual belt drive hi-fi turntable

One of the UK's most popular record decks from the 1980s, the CS505 and its successors (mk2, mk3, mk4) represented excellent value for money. Dual's simple design and mass production made good reproduction fidelity achievable on a modest budget.

Choice of two speeds: 33 or 45 rpm
Vari-speed adjuster
Semi automatic straight, low mass tone-arm
Detachable perspex lid
Dual-specific clip-on headshell/cartridge
Anti-vibration sprung floating chassis
Usable cartridge weight: 4 - 10g
Power requirements: 230V AC (50Hz)
Power consumption: 8W (max.)
Dimensions: 422 (w) x 135 (h) x 368mm (d)
Weight: 4kg

Dual CS505 belt drive hi-fi turntable  
Dual TKS-269-611 cartridge adaptor plate The CS505 was originally sold with an integral Dual cartridge which clipped onto the end to the tone-arm. Other standard (2 screw mounted) cartridges can only be used with a special adaptor plate (part number TKS/269-611), which are now extremely rare/expensive.
Dual CS505-2 cartridge headshell A different screw-on adaptor headshell is required for the Mk2 and Mk4 models.
Dual CS505-3 cartridge headshell A different clamp-on adaptor headshell is required for the Mk3

Turntable replacement neoprene rubber belt How to replace a drive belt. Other FAQs

Replacement drive belt (BELT13) available for 8.50 + 1.50 (UK p&p) = 10.00
Replacement pitch belt (BELT2) available for 8.50 + 1.50 (UK p&p) = 10.00
Or buy both together and save on the postage.

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Turntable Class by GB Audio - YouTube service tutorials for the Dual CS505.
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Dual CS505 basic service introduction
Basic Service introduction

Dual CS505 adjusting transit screws
How to adjust the Transit Screws

Dual CS505 replacing the pitch control belt
How to replace the pitch control belt
Dual CS505 replacing the main drive belt
How to replace the main drive belt
Dual CS505 setting the tracking weight / tonearm balance
How to set the tracking weight
Dual CS505 remove the headshell and changing the stylus
how to remove the headshell and
change the stylus

Dual CS505 motor, switch and tonearm shunt


Q1. Just a quick thank you for the quick dispatch and delivery. Both belts fitted perfectly on my DUAL CS 505. Unfortunately it still does not work. Having been in my loft for 20 plus years I wonder if the motor has gone. Such a shame as I was so pleased to rediscover it after all these years. Your videos on You Tube were particularly helpful. Great work and good luck for the future. Thanks again. M. 29/03/19

Answer: If the motor is not running at all, it is probably due to the microswitch beside the motor. This is a common issue on the CS505 as the switch and shunt can get sticky after a period of time. See our YouTube video tutorial https://youtu.be/tlEHLvlQ3Uw to see how to get inside the deck. SWITCH OFF THE POWER and open up the deck as per our video instructions. The photo above shows where the lever from the arm mechanism pushes the shunt and switch. A quick squirt of Servisol switch cleaner spray, WD40 or GT85 lubricating spray should sort it. While you're at it, it is a good idea to clean and lubricate the shunt pivot pin.

Q2. Good morning, sorry to trouble you but the above turntable has stopped working and I noticed that the toothed pitch belt has snapped. I was wondering if a replacement belt was fitted should the turntable continue to work? 

Answer: The pitch control does not affect the start/stop function. The unit will actually run without a pitch belt, but the speed will not be accurate. So if the deck does not turn at all, then the most likely cause is a broken main drive belt. If the main drive belt is OK, then either the motor may be dead or the micro switch which turns the motor on and off may be stuck or broken. Here's what you need to do:  

Firstly, check our YouTube video tutorial https://youtu.be/qMyGKXlJL4E to see the correct way to take the platter off and check if the main drive belt is in good condition and fitted correctly. Then check if motor runs when the deck is switched on (and the arm engaged to play). If the motor does not run, take the motor spindle between your finger and thumb and feel if it can move round or is it stuck solid? If it is stuck solid, then the motor may be burnt out or faulty. If it turns smoothly, then the fault is most likely to be the micro-switch which is under the sub-chassis, beside the motor (see Q1).

Q3. I saw your YouTube video on removing the headshell and stylus. I experienced some infrequent and intermittent deep buzzing sound and asked the question on the hifiengine.com forum. It was suggested I remove the headshell and clean the 4 pins. In your video you say to first unscrew the locking screw behind the pivot. However, on inspection of my headshell the locking screw is missing. Is this a problem? Could it cause my buzzing issue and where can I get on?

Answer: The locking screw only stops the locking lever from moving back and forth, it would not affect the contacts. Remove the headshell, clean the four contacts with IPA alcohol and cotton buds or contact cleaner eg Servisol. When you replace the headshell, take care not to over tighten the locking screw so that it does not push down on to the cartridge and possibly interfere with the contacts. According to customer Ray Wilkins, the replacement grub screw is a metric 2mm (dia) x 5mm (length).

Q4. Hi, I was wondering if you have a pitch belt for the above deck (the smaller belt) and, if so, how much would it cost?

Answer: As we explain in our YouTube tutorial, the original Dual, fixed length, toothed belt is no longer available so we have tried and tested this practical alternative; BELT2. It is made of synthetic rubber, so it relies on some stretch in order for it to grip properly and drive the speed changer. Yes, this is a different method to the original but it is a practical solution which works. 

Q5. Is it still possible to get a replacement stylus for my CS505?

Answer: The CS505-1, CS505-2, CS505-3 and CS505-4 all came with a Dual cartridge attached with Dual's unique, low mass mounting system. Different cartridges were used at different times on different models and the most common was a low mass cartridge based on Ortofon's famous Concorde cartridge, specially designed to fit the Dual specific headshell. To identify the correct stylus for your cartridge, we suggest sending in some close-up photos of the existing stylus and cartridge so that we can identify it for you. If you need to change the whole cartridge, it gets more complicated. Other manufacturers' cartridges can be fitted on to the CS505-1 with the special Dual TKS/269-611 adaptor plate (see photos above). The CS505-2 and CS505-4 use a different Dual headshell, which features a threaded collar fitting. The CS505-3 uses yet another specific headshell which clamps on to the end of the tonearm. Original headshell adaptors are now extremely rare and likely to be very expensive but alternative, replacement parts can be found online.


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High grade custom lead making facility

High grade custom lead making facility

Our cable-making service can build bespoke, specialist audio leads to your specification.


Buy with confidence.  Unsolicited Customer Quotes:

"Thank you for your reply, but the drive belts arrived Saturday morning. All is well with a turntable which has not been used for 30 odd years. Already played a couple of albums. Thank you for your prompt service. Very Best Regards" R EBBS (16/03/2020)

"Hi guys, Just a quick thank you for the timing belt fort the CS505. It arrived the next day and is now installed and working  (helped by your video!). Thanks again. Cheers",
Dick (09/02/2019)

"Thanks for the advice on the sticky microswitch. It was not engaging properly. Wd 40 sorted it , all good. Thanks again". Lewis Lyell (08/01/2019)

"Thanks a million for this reply. I tried it over the weekend, and it was the switch that was stuck. I was able to clean it and it works perfectly now! Thanks again, husband is delighted!" Trish M (07/01/2019)

"Dear GBAudio, Just to say thank you for your prompt help and service. With the help of the DIY video and your advice as to the right belt for my Dual turntable I was able to fix it myself (I have never dared fiddle with my Hi-Fi before as I was afraid of damaging it). Belt fits fine and it plays LPs again. The best 10 I have spent on audio.
Well done!" A Freer (31/12/2015)

"Thanks very much for this, it's very helpful... I am most grateful for your advice." D Scott (21/02/2014)

"Hi, Many thanks for your excellent efficient service.  The replacement belt is working well. Regards" C. Cox (15/06/2012)

"Many thanks for the excellent customer service. I will gladly buy from you again. Best Regards", J Houston (07/04/2012)

"To thank you for the excellent turnaround on the item I purchased on Tuesday January 3rd. - an item which I ordered on your advice. It was delivered on Monday 9th. which, considering that Friday 6th was a national holiday here in Spain was sooner than I expected. The item is working perfectly. Many thanks". E Robinson (11/01/2012)

"I sent off my order form for a replacement turntable drive belt on Tuesday; on Thursday it arrived. Followed very clear instructions to get the right size drive belt; new one works perfectly. An exemplary service. Thanks" J Rizq (14/09/2011)

"That's brilliant! Thank you so much for the excent and speedy service. Best wishes," L. England. (03/09/2011)

"Thanks for the easy to use website" P. Collins (05/07/2011)

"Nice one, left message on Sunday, GB Audio called me back just after 9am on Monday, had drivebelt and turntable up and running on Tuesday. Couldn't have been easier or faster. Loved the Replacement Drive Belt selection table and guide, superb: http://www.gbaudio.co.uk/data/belts.htm H Wood" (12/04/2011)

"Thank you for the speedy service. I ordered the belt yesterday over the telephone and received it this morning. It works and fits well. Regards D Ewers" (22/03/2011)

"Many thanks for your help , the band arrived and fitted perfectly. My elderly father is now happily listening to Bach again! Cheers Ellen" (12/03/2011)

"Thank you GB audio, great service, only a replacement drive belt but arrived first class post next morning, have deck working again after a very long time. Already singing your praises. D Terry" (01/02/2011)


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