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We sell a wide range of replacement precision ground Butadiene synthetic rubber drive belts available in popular sizes suitable for many diverse units; eg tape recorders, cassette decks, turntables, walkman, CD / DVD / XBox door tray drives, VCRs, 8 tracks, tools, models and toys.  
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Replacement counter belt kit for A77 or B77

Replacement rubber drive band set, suitable for Revox A77 , B77 and PR99 Mk1 tape counter.

B77BELTKIT comprises one long drive belt to link to the take up spool plus one free short drive belt to replace the old toothed belt. The original Revox toothed belt has a tendency to get brittle with age but the Butadiene synthetic rubber replacement belt will remain stable for a long period.

Please note, these are not Revox original parts but they are compatible and guaranteed to offer a reliable, budget repair option.

B77BELTKIT 8.50 + 1.50 (UK p&p) = 10.00      Click here to order online now

Buy with confidence. Unsolicited Customer Quotes:

"New belts work a treat. Many thanks." M Brock (19/05/2015)

"Hi, Many thanks for your excellent efficient service.  The replacement belt is working well. Regards" C. Cox (15/06/2012)

"Many thanks for the excellent customer service. I will gladly buy from you again. Best Regards", J Houston (07/04/2012)


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