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  • 2 independent CD player units
  • Full-buffered anti-shock
  • Seamless looping and stuttering
  • Ī16% pitch bend
  • 3", 5", and CDR play capabilities
  • Pitch/jog wheel for setting cue points, adjusting tempo, and track sequence programming
  • Infinite full CD continuous play
  • Fader start
  • Relay play
  • Frame accurate search (1/75 sec-step)
  • Auto-dead space elimination with auto cue
  • Automatic CD tray protection
  • +10 tracks skip search
  • 30 tracks programmable play
  • Digital output
  • External input for 2 phono or 3 line inputs
  • Master balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • Direct input for onboard CD units
  • EQs on main input channels
  • 2 mic inputs with independent gain and EQ control
  • Crossfader to blend between 2 channels
  • Autostart of the CD units
  • 3-band EQ for master output



  • Power Source: DC 12V, 1.5A
  • Dimensions: 445mm(W) x258mm(D) x156mm(H)
  • Weight: 5.4Kg

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    Numark Professional DJ twin CD player with mixer

    Numark CDMIX2 DJ twin CD player with mixer 

    Numark CDMIX2 DJ twin CD player with mixer

    Numarkís CD Mix-2 combines a full-featured DJ mixer with a dual-transport, high-precision CD player, creating a powerhouse tool for DJs. Whether youíre concocting custom mixes for your own recordings or performing live for parties or for professional events, youíll appreciate the systemís dual RIAA-equalized phono inputs, 3 line-level inputs, and 2 microphone inputs with independent input levels.

    Each of the built-in CD transports offers true buffered instant start, seamless full-CD looping, instant stutter start with selectable stutter points, relay play (deck 1 to deck 2), and Numarkís patented Anti-Shock technology, which means your system will never miss a beat, no matter how many feet hit the floor under your spell. A crossfader lets you smoothly transition between 2 inputs and controls the auto start feature of the CD units.

    The Numark CD Mix-2 also features dual headphone jacks (one .25-inch, one .125-inch) with any-input cueing for each, fader start, a pitch bend/jog wheel (+/- 16 percent), 3-speed scanning forward and reverse, frame-accurate search (1/75 seconds per step), and auto-dead space elimination with auto cue.

    Outputs include master XLR balanced/RCA unbalanced and record outputs with a 3-band equalizer for master output.

    Youíll never have to strain to read the systemís enormous backlit display, and its dual-band, 12-segment LED output meters help you keep tabs on your levels. The CD Mix-2 comes with its own 12V AC/DC power adapter, but you may also power it through a carís cigarette lighter with an optional vehicle power-supply kit, depending on where your activities take you.

    Automatic CD tray protection prevents doors from sliding open accidentally and during use, while +10 tracks skip search simplifies access to choice samples buried deep in discs encoded with many tracks. Ready for a break? Program a sequence of up to 30 tracks and let the CD Mix-2 do the DJ-ing. - See more at:

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