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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
New stock: No
Used stock: No

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 14kHz (Effect)
20Hz to 20kHz (Direct)
Dynamic Range: 90dB
A/D Conversion: 16-bit stereo with 64 times over-sampling
DIA Conversion: 16-bit stereo
Input: 2 channels, 1/4", -20/+4dBm
Output: 2 channels, 1/4", -20/+4dBm
Program Memory: 99 (Programmable)
Number of Effect types: 22:

Hall 1, Hall 2, Room 1, Room 2, Plate 1, Plate 2, Gate, E/R, Chorus, Chorus w/ Reverb, Mono Echo, Ping Pong Delay, Stereo 2ch Delay, Stereo X Feedback Delay, Stereo Pitch, Pitch w/ Reverb, Karaoke, Surround, Sweep Flanger, Pedal w/ Pitch, MIDI w/ HPS, Hold Delay

Control: MIDI IN/OUT; control in
Audio input connections: 2 x " jacks
Audio output connections: 2 x " jacks
Power Requirement: 9VDC, 1A from external adaptor AD-0002
Dimensions: 1u 19" rack mount 482x272x44mm
Weight: 2.5 kg


Zoom 9120 digital reverb / multi effects processor

The 9120 is a sophisticated effect device with the following features and functions:

* A total of 22 basic effects. They include the reverb effects of Hall, Room, Plate (each with two distinct types), as well as Gate and Early Reflection. Also available are Chorus, Delay and Pitch Shift, plus six other special effects (included in the SFX 1 and 2 settings).

* Exceptional high-quality sound, for professional studio recording applications. The reverb sound, in particular, rivals the sound of professional units costing many times more and stands up well to the exacting sonic demands of digital recording.

* Extremely intuitive and easy operation. The effect selector dial allows you to instantly choose the basic effect you want while three dedicated Data Entry controls let you instantly edit up to three parameters of the effect at a time. While all effects are of high quality and sophistication, the number of different parameters has been kept to a minimum for greater ease in editing.

* Unique and versatile special effects. The 9120 also provides a wide variety of special functions and effects including trigger control over the delay and gate reverb, built-in delay time calculator, "karaoke" effect for filtering out the vocal signal in a music mix, surround simulation, pedal-controlled pitch bend, MIDI-controlled pitch shift, and others.

* Extensive MIDI functions. With MIDI you can switch effect programs and make real-time changes in the effect parameters from another MIDI device, such as a keyboard or sequencer. You can also store your original effect programs to a connected MIDI data storage device or to another 9120.

Note: We have replacement 230V UK power supplies available for this unit for 13.79

Or 120V USA power supplies @ 23.50


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