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Production: Obsolete
Hire stock: No
New stock: No
Used stock: No

Output power: 2x100W RMS (8 Ohms 20-20kHz)
With the additional power limiter inserted, the output power is limited to 20V ▒10% (50W @ 8 Ohms)...
Transient power: 120VA
THD: <0.015% at any level up to clipping, typically <0.005% at 1kHz
Frequency Response: 20 - 20kHz (▒1dB) (-3dB @ 50kHz)
Signal Input Level: 0.5V rms ▒0.5dB for 100W output
Signal Input Slew Rate: 0.1V/ÁS
Crosstalk: 80dB @ 100Hz, 70dB @ 1kHz, 60dB @ 10kHz
Hum & Noise: 'A' weighted -96dB ref full power
Stability: Unconditionally stable with any load and any input
Protection: Current limiters 8.5A peak current into any load reducing to 3.1A steady state into a short circuit. Shorting both outputs simultaneously for an extended period will result in overheating and eventual breakdown. 
Power requirement: 110-120-130 or 220-230-240V AC 50/60Hz 30-350W
Dimensions: 341(w) x 195(d) x 115(h) mm
Weight: 9kg



Quad 405-2 stereo hi-fi power ampifier

Quad 405-2 stereo hi-fi power ampifier

This audiophile power amplifier has been a firm favourite since its introduction in the 80s. The amp sounds fantastic and is incredibly stable, even when driving difficult speaker loads. Originally built in the 80s by The Acoustical Manufacturing Company, UK.

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